Rogue River Rafting

The Rogue River in Southern Oregon is one of America’s top whitewater rafting and kayaking destinations due to its incredible scenery, whitewater, wildlife, and amazing riverside lodges. Rafting trips on the Rogue River can range from four hours to four days, making sure everyone can find the perfect trip.

On the shorter side of trips

We offer our beginner and small-kid friendly full and half-day trips on the Hellgate Canyon section of the Rogue River.  If you need a little more excitement, our 4 hour class IV Nugget Falls trip runs the two largest commercially rafted rapids on the river.

If you are more interested in scenery than whitewater, our Rogue River Sunset Tour takes you out around dusk to enjoy the river at its most scenic and least crowded time.  Finally, our Thrill-Seeker trip is the full day trip that makes the most of everything. Kayak in the AM in the beginner-friendly Hellgate Canyon section of the river, enjoy lunch at the Torpedo Bar, then raft the class IV Nugget Falls section of the Rogue River.

Looking for a longer trip in the famous canyon? Our three or four day vacations through the wild and scenic Rogue River canyon are very likely what you are looking for. This is one of America’s original Wild and Scenic rivers— the scenery and wildlife viewed here are second to none. 

This is the only multi-day trips in the country where you can float lodge to lodge on a Wild and Scenic river, which is an amazing experience and provides just the right amount of “wilderness” for many people. If three or four days seems a bit too long, check out our 2 day “intro to kayaking and rafting” trip on the Hellgate section of the Rogue River.  This is a quick escape that provides the perfect chance to get the kids playing on the river and sleeping under the stars.

  • Rogue Wild and Scenic - 3 or 4 day

    Spend 3 or 4 days paddling the Rogue River on OTT’s original and one of the countries most popular, whitewater rafting trips. Nestled away in southern Oregon, this rafting vacation has everything you need for the ideal family adventure: warm water, great weather, fun rapids, swimming, history, NO CELL SERVICE or internet, and comfortable wilderness lodges.

  • Wild & Scenic Rogue River Camping - 4-day

    Have the full wilderness experience on the incredible Wild and Scenic Rogue River.  Spend 4-days and 3-nights with your family/friends immersed in the natural majesty of one of the countries most prized rivers. Raft, swim, hike, relax around the fire and sleep under the stars.  A trip your family will never forget.

  • Rogue Intro to River Running 2-day

    Introduce your friends and family to the joy of river running on this two day camping trip on the world famous Rogue River. This trip includes numerous class II rapids, a number of scenic gorges, countless swimming holes and a night sleeping on a beach riverside. Complete with spectacular scenery, ample wildlife and no cell phone service, this is the perfect quick escape.

  • Rogue Nugget Falls - 1/2 Day

    If you need a few hours of adrenaline pumping white water rafting fun on the Rogue River this is your trip. Get ready to crash through big holes at Nugget Falls, surf the raft at Lineman's, and cascade over Til’omikh Falls to end the day. This trip is only offered in paddle rafts exclusively and is generally reserved for people 8 years old and up.

  • Rogue River Hellgate Tour – Full Day

    Our most kid-friendly whitewater rafting trip, the Rogue River 1-day trip, located just outside of Grants Pass, is southern Oregon's most popular 1-day river rafting trip. Perfect for the kids 5 and up or those looking to learn to inflatable kayak; with plenty of class II rapids and opportunities to swim and splash. This Rogue River raft trip includes a riverside lunch, plenty of swimming, and beautiful scenery.

  • Rogue River Hellgate Tour – Half-day

    The Hellgate Half-day is the perfect trip for an adult wanting to try inflatable kayaking or a family with younger kids looking for a first-time river trip.  Filled with amazing scenery, warm water, and fun class II rapids, the Rogue River Hellgate Half-day is a wonderful river escape.

  • Rogue River Lower Hellgate Trip

    You can now find this trip under the Rogue River Hellgate 1/2 Day trip.

  • Rogue River Thrill Seeker - Full Day

    Can't decide which Rogue River day trip you want? Maybe you want to try the inflatable kayaks and see the scenery of Hellgate Canyon but you are also interested in paddle rafting the famous class IV nugget falls? Do them both! The Rogue River Thrill Seeker combines both of our Rogue River day trips for the perfect single day river adventure. Inflatable kayak in the morning and paddle raft class IV rapids in the afternoon. Why choose, do them both!

  • Rogue Sunset Tour - 1/2 day

    This is the trip for those who want the ultimate relaxation trip. The quiet time of the day with the crowds gone, the light is magical, the wildlife is out and it is simply relaxing in a way we cannot describe. So if you want that peaceful end to your day, grab your special someone and come out to see the bid the sun goodbye for the day from the best possible place.

  • The Paddled Pub

    Floating on the river and drinking beer—it’s a dream come true, we know. The Paddled Pub is a one of a kind river experience. Dreamed up by us and built right here in Southern Oregon there is nothing like this ANYWHERE. Sitting around our custom designed pub bar the space feels familiar, like your local, “where everybody knows your name” kind of pub. But when you get a little splash from the river and look around you quickly remember this is not Cheers and not your local pub. You are on a raft floating down the majestic Rogue River.

  • Row Your Own - Wild and Scenic Rogue River

    The Wild and Scenic Rogue River is a trip that should be on any boaters “must-do” list.  Where you just don’t want to deal with the permit system, you want some support getting through the rapids for the first time, or you just don’t want to deal with packing a kitchen and shopping for food; our Row Your Own trip is the perfect way to float the Wild and Scenic Rogue River.

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