Rogue River Trail

Join us on the Rogue River trail and trek into the wilderness and back in time. Hike to scenic panoramas of the canyon and hidden tributary gorges with spectacular waterfalls. On the Rogue River Trail look forward to stumbling upon wildlife such as deer, elk, turtles, and perhaps even a bear. Journey into homesteads of the past and breathe in the the history of gun battles and adventures worthy of the wild west. The Rogue River trail is a unique American experience for its history and scenery so come and remove yourself from modern-day speed and fall into a slower pace of life, a pace defined only by sunset and the speed you choose with your feet.

While the Rogue River trail is open to anyone choosing to hike, with Orange Torpedo Trips you can experience the trail while also having hot shower and soft bed at the end of the day. We also open this 40 mile utopia to hikers or trail runners afraid of getting in over their head. Show up with Orange Torpedo Trips and hand off your overnight gear, leave the bottles of wine to us, let us carry your heavy bags while you enjoy only carrying your water and camera. Experience as much of the Rogue River canyon from trail as you want, and hop on the raft for a breather if you need a break. Sign up today and leave the stress of organizing, packing, and carrying to us while you simply enjoy a hard earned vacation. For those who want to move fast learn about our trail running trips or for those looking to spend a little more time in the canyon read about the Rogue River Trail lodge to lodge trips.

  • Wild and Scenic Trail Run - 3-days

    Run the 42 mile Rogue River Trail over 3-days, lodge to lodge. What's better than a running vacation. A running vacation through a wilderness where you sleep in lodges and rafts carry your stuff! Beer and wine provided and you have the freedom to ride the raft if you want.  What could possibly be better?  Sign up for our running vacation today!

  • Rogue River Raft Supported Luxury Lodge Hike 4-days

    Journey down the historic Rogue River Trail in style. This is gourmet hiking at it's best. Pristine wilderness, remote lodges, scenic trail, and a raft to carry everything for you. It does not get any better!

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