Row Your Own Rafting

A “Row Your Own” is basically the best version of a river trip.  Bring all of your gear, row your boat, have all the fun, relax at camp, let us cook the meals, bring the big group gear, carry the heavy weight and we will show you the lines through the big rapids if you want to know them.

This is basically a river trip made easy.  What’s more, they are an awesome way to meet other like-minded boaters and find new friends to run future trips with.

Find a new river or run a familiar way but made easy.  Either way, our Row Your Own trips are a great way for newer or very experienced boaters to get on the river.

  • Main Salmon River - Row Your Own

    If you are rafter looking to get on the Main Salmon River but either did not pull a permit or would just like to run the river with guides to show you the lines and help find the best camps, this is the way to travel.  Row your own gear, bring your own friends, enjoy the river the way you like; but do it with local river guides showing you the way and making sure you don’t miss the hidden gems.  

  • Row Your Own - Owyhee River

    Row your own boat down the primarily class III Lower Owyhee River with our support for logistics, meals, group gear and showing you the line.  Float one of Oregon’s most scenic trips but leave all the “work” of a river trip, and all the weight on your raft, to us.  Row a lighter boat, skip all the pre/post work, and just have fun. Also, if you are a kayaker, pack rafter or IK paddler, we can carry your gear as part of the trip.  Just let us know.

  • Row Your Own - Wild and Scenic Rogue River

    The Wild and Scenic Rogue River is a trip that should be on any boaters “must-do” list.  Where you just don’t want to deal with the permit system, you want some support getting through the rapids for the first time, or you just don’t want to deal with packing a kitchen and shopping for food; our Row Your Own trip is the perfect way to float the Wild and Scenic Rogue River.

  • Row Your Own Raft - Lower Salmon River

    4-days of big canyons, big beaches, big views, and big waves.  The Lower Salmon River in Idaho is an incredible Class III and III+ trip that is perfect for families or those who just love great camping, warm water and fun splashy rapids.  Bring your raft, cat boat, IK, SUP, hard shell etc and one bonus, we will motor you out across, “Snake Lake” so you can avoid the infamous row out from this trip.

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