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Orange Torpedo Trips makes it easy for you to log in to search our database, find great rafting vacations for your clients and book them on the spot. With both direct billing and commission options we can easily set up the best way for you to assure you clients a great experience and secure a commission for you. To become a reseller of America’s most unique river adventures you just need to follow these easy steps.

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For you to make reservations in our system we need to create a custom profile for you which will assign your agency and individual agents within it, unique log in codes which are used to search the database and reserve trips. To get your unique log in code just call 800-635-2925. Once you’re accepted into our network of certified resellers we will get you your log in code along with step by step instructions on how to begin making money selling america’s most unique river adventures. Once registered the online booking process is as simple as.

  1. Navigate to this page and click the “Make a Reservation” link.
  2. Enter your name and agent ID and click “Login.”
  3. Search for your desired date range.
  4. Select the trips you wish to reserve.
  5. See your expected commission or net rate at the top of the page.
  6. Submit your reservation and print or save your confirmation.

Note: You’ll see that you can also provide a confirmation directly to your clients. If you’d like to have your logo on this confirmation, please send us a high resolution version of your logo in a jpg, gif, png or eps format.

Sell trips from your website

Utilizing our user friendly reservation system you can start making booking commissions 24/7 from your own website. Give us a call and learn how you can easily embed our reservation system right into your website allowing you to add a great service for your customers and make an effortless commission.

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