Hell or High-Water: Great News on Idaho's Salmon Basin Snowpack

Let It Rain!

Updated data from the National Water and Climate Center (NWCC) puts snowpack and anticipated streamflow forecasts for Idaho's Salmon River basin at roughly 116% of average, which should make for some first-rate whitewater on our Main Salmon and Lower Salmon River Trips this coming 2014 season.

According to NWCC hydrologists, the boosted levels are the result primarily of inordinately heavy February precipitation (upwards of 150 percent of normal in the Salmon and Payette River Basins) combined with continued cooler mountain temperatures (Snowpack Recovery in PNW).

Regardless the causes, we are very excited about these trends and the apparent promise a high-water year on the Salmon. It's not just about the rapids, either (although the rapids on the Salmon at high-water are a roller-coaster of sublimity); spring high-water events serve as a revitalizing force on Idaho's Salmon and other free flowing rivers--revitalizing beaches, cleaning up riparian zone debris and feeding new vitality into all that grows along, lives in and emanates from the river.

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S.Y.O.T.R. (See You On The River)