Rogue Salmon Umpqua Klamath whitewater river rafting with Orange Torpedo Trips

Rogue, Salmon, Klamath, and North Umpqua River Rafting

Orange Torpedo Trips has been providing whitewater rafting adventures on the Rogue River, Salmon River, Klamath River, and North Umpqua River for over four decades. Founded in 1969, we have been taking people down these exciting Oregon, Idaho, and California rivers ever since. For the adventurous, our unique custom-designed and time-tested guiding style gives you the opportunity to learn how to paddle your own inflatable kayak down the famous rivers of the Northwest like the Rogue and Main Salmon. If you are looking for something more relaxed, then ride an oared or paddle raft with one of our friendly guides. If you really want to get into the water for something new and exciting try river boarding. Our ability to cater to the unique levels of excitement each member of your family or group has, allows us to create the perfect white water rafting vacation for everyone. Dig a little deeper and find out why Orange Torpedo Trips is the perfect white water rafting trip for your friends and family. Learn more about us, see our 3 types of boats, or watch rafting videos.

Orange Torpedo Trips operates under permits issued by: Klamath National Forest, Umpqua National Forest, Salmon National Forest, and the Bureau of Land Management. Orange Torpedo Trips is an equal opportunity recreation service provider.
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