Why you should inflatable kayak the river

At Orange Torpedo Trips we believe that inflatable kayaking is the ultimate adventure and the premier way to experience the iconic Rogue and Salmon Rivers. Our unique trips are meticulously designed to empower you to take on the whitewater, to feel the waves, to relax in the pools, and to sleep at night with slightly tired muscles and profound sense of accomplishment. 

Navigate the Rapids of Personal Growth on the Rogue and Salmon Rivers

Orange Torpedo Trips puts you at the helm of your adventure, empowering you to navigate our dynamic waters. Our approach ensures that every paddle stroke is not just a move through the water but a step towards greater self-confidence and empowerment. With the guidance of our experienced river guides, you’ll learn to master the rivers' challenges, making each rapid a milestone of personal achievement. These are vacations, but ultimately they can be so much more than that.  These are especially impactful for adventures for teens who will have an opportunity to take on challenges and overcome, helping them realize their own potential. At the end of the day, inflatable kayaking is all of these things, but of equal importance, it’s also really fun.

Expert Guidance on Every Wave

For well over 50 years the guides of Orange Torpedo Trips have been leading adventurous paddlers down the whitewater of the Rogue River in Oregon and Salmon River of Idaho. Our seasoned guides are not only adept at navigating these specific rivers but are also passionate about teaching effective paddling techniques. Their expertise ensures that kayakers of all experience levels can enjoy the exhilaration of the rivers, making the most of the stunning landscapes and wildlife these regions are renowned for.

LEAP into Leadership on the River

Our commitment to personal growth and leadership is exemplified through our partnership with LEAP. This organization, supported by Orange Torpedo Trips, underscores the effectiveness of our inflatable kayaking model in fostering resilience and self-confidence.  Over the decades we witnessed how impactful paddling the river could be and we used that experience to start LEAP.  In the well over a decade of this program, LEAP has tracked the impact these experiences, paddling inflatable kayaks down river, can have. They have seen time and again how these experiences can become moments of change in people’s lives. 

An Intimate Encounter with Nature’s Majesty

Orange Torpedo Trips offers an intimate way to experience the Rogue and Salmon Rivers, connecting you directly with the serene beauty and raw power of these landscapes. Paddle to the river’s edge to see the turtles up close, fly over the crashing waves in the rapids, and float under the small side-stream water falls.  In an inflatable kayak you feel the waves and paddle to investigate the things you find interesting. Our trips invite you to become part of the river’s ecosystem, encouraging a deep appreciation for the natural world and the importance of its preservation. 

A personal journey, but a group vacation

Though you will be sharing the river with our guides and fellow adventurers, your journey down the Rogue and Salmon Rivers with Orange Torpedo Trips remains intensely personal as you are the one who will navigate each rapid, but in the context of of everyone you are with doing the same.  So in the pools below the rapids as you celebrate your achievement you also celebrate the achievement of everyone in your group as they celebrate yours. It’s not just a kayaking trip; it’s an opportunity to prove what you can do and revel in that accomplishment with your favorite people as they travel with you.

The Ultimate River Adventure Awaits

Embark on an Orange Torpedo Trip down the Rogue and Salmon Rivers for an adventure that combines thrilling inflatable kayaking with opportunities for personal growth, all set against some of the most stunning river landscapes in the United States. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of navigating rapids or the peace of floating through pristine wilderness, Orange Torpedo Trips offers an unforgettable journey of empowerment, connection, and adventure. 

Ready to paddle your way to an unforgettable experience? Join us on the Rogue and Salmon Rivers and discover the adventure that awaits.