Trip Summary

Set forth on the ultimate river adventure with Orange Torpedo Trips on our 14-day Full Salmon River Rafting Trip. From the launch at Corn Creek to the takeout at Heller Bar, this excursion encapsulates the wild essence of Idaho’s natural beauty. Enjoy well over 200 miles of the amazing Salmon River.

Navigate through the heart of the ‘River of No Return’ wilderness, tackling a medley of Class III-IV rapids, enjoying peaceful floats, and exploring the stunning backcountry. Relish the simplicity of river life as you camp under the stars and indulge in gourmet meals prepared by our guides. Float through the famous Main Salmon before taking a break in quant rural Riggins Idaho for a hot shower and day of rest. Then continue on towards the incredible gorges of the Lower Salmon River.

For those adventurers who really want the full adventure and the entirety of the Salmon River’s majesty, we offer an add-on option. Extend the journey by 6 days and 100 miles by adding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon to start the trip. This additional adventure, operated in collaboration with a partner outfitter, promises to enhance your rafting experience, guiding you through some of the most revered rapids and crystal-clear waters in the region.

Our Full Salmon River trip, complemented by the Middle Fork extension, is meticulously designed for those who seek to engage with the river’s entirety. This is the epitome of Salmon River rafting trips, perfect for both seasoned rafters and those eager to undertake their first extensive river expedition.

Book your grand adventure with Orange Torpedo Trips today and prepare for an unforgettable journey that not only traces the full course of the mighty Salmon River but also etches a lifetime of memories in the wild heart of Idaho.”

Trip at a glance

Price Range
13 Days
220 miles
Boise Idaho / Lewiston Idaho
Who is this trip for?

Anyone looking for 2-3 weeks away from the world.

Dates / Rates


$3299 per person

August 9 Meet in Boise

August 10 - Launch on the river

August 16 and 17 - Nights in Riggins Idaho.

August 22 arrive in Lewiston Idaho.

August 23 fly home.


If you add the Middle Fork onto your trip you will begin in Stanley Idaho and have 6-days of floating prior to meeting our crew on our Day Zero. Call us and we can connect you with the company we are working with on the middle fork of the Salmon.  When you get to the takeout of the Middle Fork our guide will continue on with you and float to Corn Creek where we will meet our guides and get ready to keep going.

**Day 0: Arrival at Salmon, Idaho**

- Fly from Boise to Salmon (we will arrange).  Stay at the Stagecoach Inn (you arrange). Orientation and preparation at hotel that evening Salmon, Idaho. Meet your guides and fellow rafters.

**Day 1: Launch at Corn Creek**

- Shuttle to Corn Creek. Begin the journey with a gentle float to ease into the trip. Camp along the riverbank.

**Day 2: Rapids and Hot Springs**

- Encounter one of best rapids on the Main Salmon, Black creek. Midday stop at Barth Hot Springs for a soak. Camp by the river.

**Day 3: Big Mallard Rapids**

- Hit some of the Main Salmon’s most famous rapids like Big Mallard and Elk Horn.  This is a fun day of whitewater. 

**Day 4: Historical Sites**

Tackle exciting rapids, and explore historical sites along the river, such as Buckskin Bill’s homestead.

**Day 5: More mellow and full of scenery**

- Float through the deepest canyon on the Salmon and second deepest in the country.  Relax at the historic Polly Bemis Ranch.

**Day 6: Float past Carrey Creek**

- Float past the takeout for the Main Salmon.  Anyone just doing the main will leave the group and those on the bigger adventure will continue for another night on the river.

**Day 7: Paddle into Riggins Idaho**

- Float into rural Riggins Idaho.  Spend tonight in a town hotel where you can get a hot shower and check your e-mail (If you are so inclined). Dinner will be on your own at one of the town eateries. 

**Day 8: Relax day in Riggins**

- Sleep in and enjoy a day relaxing in Riggins.  Find a delicious local breakfast for an optional trip up to the Seven Devils for a small hike and a chance to look down into the deepest canyon in the United States or possibly a trip to a local hot spring. Another night in Riggins

**Day 9: Paddle the thrilling rapids of the Riggins day section .**

- The Riggins day section is some of the best whitewater on the Salmon River.  Enjoy a morning full of fun rapids before a more relaxed afternoon paddling down river.

**Day 10: Paddle past hammer creek and start the true lower salmon river.**

Start the traditional Lower Salmon and paddle away from the roads again.  Today will include the amazing green canyon.

**Day 11: Whitewater Day**

- This is an amazing day of whitewater, paddling through Snowhole canyon for a night spent on some truly enormous beaches.

**Day 12: Blue Canyon**

- Finish your journey on the Salmon River as you float through arguably the most impressive canyon of them all.  In the deep gorge enjoy some incredible whitewater before arriving at the terminus of the Salmon River where it floats into the Snake River.  Paddle 4-6 miles on the much bigger Snake River for a night of camping.

**Day 13: Finish the trip**

- Enjoy the final morning on the river, concluding with a takeout at Heller Bar. Shuttle to Lewiston, Idaho where you will be dropped at a hotel. We recommend making flights out of Lewiston for the next day.

Travel Info

Arrive in Boise Idaho by mid-morning the DAY BEFORE WE LAUNCH.  We will arrange a flight from Boise to Salmon Idaho around 1:30pm the day before launch.

YOU NEED TO MAKE A RESERVATION at the Stagecoach Hotel for the night before we launch.  We will have our trip orientation meeting at the hotel.  Book your room at the Stagecoach Hotel in Salmon Idaho and tell them you are with OTT.  Call them at 208-756-2919

The trip will include a layover day in Riggins Idaho.  There are a number of available hotels in Riggins Idaho but we recommend making a reservation for two nights at the Big Iron in Riggins.

The trip will conclude in Lewiston Idaho.  You will be transported to the Hells Canyon Grand in Lewiston Idaho.  We recommend making a reservation and staying the night.  You can arrange your flight out of Lewiston for the next day.  The hotel has a free airport shuttle.

Any luggage you bring with you but don’t want to take on the river will be moved from the put-in to Riggins, where you can access on the layover day, and then will be at the hotel in Lewiston waiting for you.

Packing List

Everything going downriver will go into the supplied dry bag. The dry bag (40 liter), is about the size of a large duffle. This is where all of your personal items for the trip will go, including your sleeping bag so pack conservatively. When sealed correctly, they will not leak. However, if sealed incorrectly, they may let water in. We strongly suggest that all items of significant value, such as expensive jewelry, be left at home. We will also supply a day bag to store items like cameras for easy access during the day.

What to pack

On the River

  • 3-5 swimsuits or shorts and top (cotton not recommended)
  • Sports sandals or hard-soled wetsuit booties
  • Synthetic paddling gloves (if paddling an inflatable kayak)
  • Wide rimmed hat or ball cap (ball cap fits well under helmet)
  • Polypro, synthetic or hydro-skin shirt (nice for mornings and chilly days)
  • Water Bottle (1 liter) with carbiner
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with strap (consider bringing two pairs)
  • OTT will supply splash-tops for chilly mornings

In Camp

  • 3 pair pants & shorts
  • 4 shirts
  • Fleece jacket or sweatshirt
  • Light rain jacket
  • Sleeping bag (synthetic material recommended - rated to 45F - IF YOU NEED ONE just let us know and we an provide)
  • A pack pillow.
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Beanie
  • Battery Charger
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Sleep mask - On a full moon night if sleeping outside OR in a tent this can be helpful.
  • Good book or Kindle


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