• Main Salmon River - Guide favorite rapids

    Main Salmon River - Guide favorite rapids

    The Main Salmon River in Idaho is one of the premier whitewater rafting trips in the country. A big part of what makes it amazing is the whitewater and our guides are excited to share their four favorite rapids. Keep reading ›

  • Your cell phone, the oppressor - It’s time to escape!

    Your cell phone, the oppressor - It’s time to escape!

    At Orange Torpedo Trips we staunchly believes that the most memorable and rejuvenating vacations are those where screen time is traded for real-time, tangible experiences. Here’s some of the reasons why we believe the best vacation is the one where the boss can’t reach you and your kids escape screens. Keep reading ›

  • Why you should inflatable kayak the river

    Why you should inflatable kayak the river

    Orange Torpedo Trips puts you at the helm of your adventure, empowering you to navigate our dynamic waters. Our approach ensures that every paddle stroke is not just a move through the water but a step towards greater self-confidence and empowerment Keep reading ›

  • Food on the river - What do meals look like?

    At Orange Torpedo Trips, we believe that the meals we serve are an integral part of the adventure. Not only do they fuel your body for the day’s activities, but they also provide a moment to gather, share experiences, and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you. Each dish, from sunrise breakfasts to starlit dinners, is crafted with care, enhancing your connection to the outdoors and those you’re adventuring with. Keep reading ›

  • Hiking the Rogue River Trail - The best times to go

    Hiking the Rogue River Trail - The best times to go

    Hiking the Rogue River Trail in Oregon is an unforgettable experience.  The trail offers scenic vistas, wildlife, optional lodges, wild-flowers and incredible human history stops making it truly unique in the world of through hikes in the United States. However, to make the most of this journey, timing is key. Here's a guide to the best times of the year to hike the Rogue River Trail, considering weather, trail conditions, and the unique experiences each season offers. ### Spring (Mid-April to June) We love spring on the Rogue River Trail.  The wildflowers are amazing, the green of the... Keep reading ›

  • The Ultimate Group Adventure: Why You Should Book a Rafting Vacation as a Private Charter

    A river trip on rivers like the Rogue River or Salmon River offer a thrilling and memorable experience for groups looking for adventure. But have you considered booking your next whitewater trip as a private charter? Here are the main reasons why a private charter rafting vacation is the perfect choice for your group of friends and family. Keep reading ›

  • All Women River Trip - What it meant to me

    All Women River Trip - What it meant to me

    We were camped on the banks of the lower Salmon river, the sunset that night lit up the horizon in brilliant displays of fiery orange, late summer peach, and a dusty desert mauve; the mountains in the distance glowed blue, and the reflection of the sky’s colors bled into the calm water in front of our beach like ink on wet paper. It was as if the river herself were welcoming us. It was our first night of a five day trip and at the moment, five days just didn’t seem like enough time.  The sunset colors faded and the sun slipped behind the mountains, leaving us with twinkling stars above, and a... Keep reading ›

  • Adult Only Rafting Trips - Why go?

    Adult Only Rafting Trips - Why go?

    Adult only rafting trips provide a unique opportunity to get away with like-minded travelers. Here are 5 reasons to consider an adult only trip for your next adventure. Keep reading ›

  • Uncovering Ancient Secrets: Rafting the Lower Salmon River with Orange Torpedo Trips and Exploring the Cooper's Ferry Site

    A rafting adventure on the Lower Salmon River with Orange Torpedo Trips promises thrilling rapids, stunning landscapes, and the unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of the region. One of the most intriguing stops on your journey is the Cooper's Ferry archaeological site, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient past of North America. Located near Pine Bar, usually a place we float past on the morning of day 2 of our Lower Salmon River trip, the Cooper's Ferry site has been a treasure trove of information about the early inhabitants of the Americas. Systematic excavatio... Keep reading ›

  • Exploring the Legacy of the Nez Perce on a Lower Salmon River Rafting Adventure

    The Lower Salmon River in Idaho is an incredible whitewater rafting and kayaking destination, offering thrilling rapids, breathtaking scenery, and an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich history of the Nez Perce tribe. As you embark on a rafting adventure, you'll be floating into the historic lands of the the Nez Perce people who once traversed this landscape during their epic journey in the Nez Perce War of 1877. The Nez Perce and the Salmon River: The Nez Perce tribe has a deep connection to the Salmon River, which they lived around for generations before they crossed multiple times du... Keep reading ›