Travel Advice

  • Why I love our raft supported trail trips on the Rogue and Salmon Rivers

    Over the years I have floated the Salmon and Rogue Rivers more times than I probably dare to count.  These are places where the rocks feel like old friends, pieces of the landscape which bring back memories of great adventures in the past, landmarks which drum up feelings of familiarity and being at home. And yet, one of the other things I love about these incredible river canyons is how much is left to discover, as my first trip down the trail showed me. If rafting the Wild and Scenic Rogue River is an adventure in the familiar for me, I assumed hiking the trail would have a similar fee... Keep reading ›

  • Southern Oregon Adventure Guide

    We have created the ultimate guide to the best Southern Oregon 1-day adventures.  We have embedded the map below of activities.  You can also download our Adventure Catalog that has more details on each of these activities.  Download the Catalog here. Keep reading ›

  • Southern Oregon Family Adventures

    As adventurers with kids we understand how difficult it can be to plan a full vacation with a variety of great activities. As Southern Oregon natives we are sharing some of our secret spots for family adventure.  This list is designed for families who want to get out and explore.  If you believe that great family memories are created exploring this is the list of Southern Oregon adventures you were looking for. Map of Events Below are links to all of the activities listed on the map above.  If you want to get our summary of each event download our Southern Oregon Family Travel packet. ... Keep reading ›