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  • River Wisdom Wednesday | John Craighead

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Tom Robbins

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | David Brower

    Spirit Falls, Little White Salmon River, WA In this quote, David Brower speaks perfectly to something we so often confront--both on the river and in our everyday lives. It is, it seems, a Call to Adventure, an exhortation to step outside of what is comfortable. He entreats, or reminds, us to be bold in how we live our lives--to abandon our fear of those things we cannot control, to accept risk as an inherent feature of life, to eschew our imagined limitations and hence realize our full measure. Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Lynn Nobel

    Rogue River In anticipation of our forthcoming blog series, "Guides' First Rivers," we want to know: What is the first river you paddled? What do you remember most about the experience? Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | David Brower

    Rogue River Salvation |salˈvāSHən|  noun Preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss;  (one's salvation) a source or means of being saved in this way. Keep reading ›

  • This Is My World!

      For years now, I’ve spent my summers in truly awe inspiring places–fantastically beautiful, grand, remote and dynamic. More than that, I’ve spent them doing something I love: running rivers. Most days I manage to appreciate this fact for the blessing it is. Some days, though, when I’m tired and sore and the morning is cold and the work to be done seems to run with infinitude ahead of me, I misplace my gratitude. My little big epiphany, as I’ve come to think of it, came on just such a morning. It was the second morning of a five-day Main Salmon trip. I was fixing breakfast with th... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Jeff Wallach

    River Wisdom Wednesday - Happy New YEAR! From our family to yours, a thought to open the New Year. Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Joanne Harris

    It's like the Riverguide's version of tapping ruby slippers. Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday - Sir William Francis Butler

    The Great One, Mike Slagle, running #18 on the Illinois River - 2013   Without Challenge, the Spirit Atrophies.    Feed Your Soul.    Seek Adventure.     Keep reading ›