River History/Facts

  • Uncovering Ancient Secrets: Rafting the Lower Salmon River with Orange Torpedo Trips and Exploring the Cooper's Ferry Site

    A rafting adventure on the Lower Salmon River with Orange Torpedo Trips promises thrilling rapids, stunning landscapes, and the unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of the region. One of the most intriguing stops on your journey is the Cooper's Ferry archaeological site, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient past of North America. Located near Pine Bar, usually a place we float past on the morning of day 2 of our Lower Salmon River trip, the Cooper's Ferry site has been a treasure trove of information about the early inhabitants of the Americas. Systematic excavatio... Keep reading ›

  • The Evolution of the Life Jacket

    The Life Jacket History A life jacket, also known as a life preserver, is a piece of equipment designed to assist a person in staying afloat in water. It does this by providing buoyancy, which helps to keep a person's head above water. People often use life jackets for swimming, boating, or fishing. This amazing invention has a long and interesting history. The First Prototypes According to reliable sources, water lovers used hides, bladders, and hollow gourds before the invention of the first wearable personal flotation device (PDF). The first life jackets comparable to modern ones were on sa... Keep reading ›

  • Will the Rogue River have water in 2015?

    As summer rounds the bend and the sun begins to rise on another river season the phones have again started ringing with vigor. Folks wanting to ensure summer does not float by without a river trip are making their reservations.  In those calls we have noticed one commonality, namely: a concern regarding expected water levels on our beautiful Southern Oregon rivers.  To address this concern bluntly and simply, let me say this: we are excited about river flows for this summer on the Rogue, Klamath, and North Umpqua Rivers.  All evidence is pointing towards an incredible summer with ample wat... Keep reading ›