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  • All Women River Trip - What it meant to me

    All Women River Trip - What it meant to me

    We were camped on the banks of the lower Salmon river, the sunset that night lit up the horizon in brilliant displays of fiery orange, late summer peach, and a dusty desert mauve; the mountains in the distance glowed blue, and the reflection of the sky’s colors bled into the calm water in front of our beach like ink on wet paper. It was as if the river herself were welcoming us. It was our first night of a five day trip and at the moment, five days just didn’t seem like enough time.  The sunset colors faded and the sun slipped behind the mountains, leaving us with twinkling stars above, and a... Keep reading ›

  • Meet your guide - Benito

    Benito is a guide that guests love. Kind, hard working, thoughtful and obviously at home on the river, he is someone everyone loves floating with Keep reading ›

  • Meet your guide - Melody

    Mel, as we call her, is one of those guides that every guest remembers. I regularly get e-mails from guests commenting on her incredible kindness, leadership, and un-parralled work ethic Keep reading ›