• OTT Guides in the Offseason | SOTAR Inflatable Kayak | Breitenbush River, OR

    When the Summer's Away, Guides Still Play Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | David Brower

    Spirit Falls, Little White Salmon River, WA In this quote, David Brower speaks perfectly to something we so often confront--both on the river and in our everyday lives. It is, it seems, a Call to Adventure, an exhortation to step outside of what is comfortable. He entreats, or reminds, us to be bold in how we live our lives--to abandon our fear of those things we cannot control, to accept risk as an inherent feature of life, to eschew our imagined limitations and hence realize our full measure. Keep reading ›

  • Where's Your River Guide? | Ben Murray, A.K.A., Murman

    Ben Digging Deep, Chetco River, Southwest Oregon Today is Ben's Birthday. Happy birthday, Ben! He is, therefore, a fitting guide to feature in this week's installment of our ongoing "Where's Your Guide" series. This time, we thought we'd break things down by prompt. First: Who's Ben? Ben Making Breakfast at the Always Excellent South Fork Salmon Confluence Camp Ben is a--temporarily elsewhere, and Southern--Oregonian, a River Guide (R.G.), a former Division One pitcher and a current Duke Medical student. Also, he's also a top-notch individual. (For ... Keep reading ›

  • First River Rafting Trips | An OTT Guide Series | Junebug | The Wild & Scenic Rogue River

    First River Rafting Trips - SeriesRiver guides are notorious storytellers. And whether they be true or tall, the stories we tell about the river are a part and reflection of our own story. They are a part of who we are and who we will be. So, in this spirit of storytelling and in homage to rivers everywhere, we've asked our guides to recall the first river they paddled and to tell the story of that experience. For this, our first installment, OTT guide Jon Angstadt (A.K.A., Junebug) reminds us of the cyclical and transitive nature of rivers, connecting his earliest memories of rafting the Lowe... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Lynn Nobel

    Rogue River In anticipation of our forthcoming blog series, "Guides' First Rivers," we want to know: What is the first river you paddled? What do you remember most about the experience? Keep reading ›

  • 5 Things to Do Before & After Rafting the Salmon "River of No Return" in Idaho.

    Make the Most of Your Salmon "River of No Return" Rafting Trip Although the 2014 season is still a Winter and some Spring away, we're already getting a good number of bookings for our five-to-six-day Main Salmon "River of No Return" trips. So, in the interest helping our guests to make the most of their vacation, we've put together this list of the 5 best things to do on either end of a Main Salmon River trip. 1. Hang out in-and-around Salmon, ID Not much has changed since this photo was taken. Salmon, ID is the meeting and departure point for our Main Salmo... Keep reading ›

  • Where's Your River Guide? | Junebug

    Looking for your river guide?As part of our ongoing efforts to emphasize the importance of following your guide(s), we bring you a video update from OTT river guide Jon Angstadt (A.K.A., Junebug) and his kayaking and cultural adventure in Pucon, Chile.(Take note of the stylish OTT Staff shirt he's rocking.) Keep reading ›

  • The Spring Escape You'd Never Think Of... Owyhee River Rafting

        Owyhee River - Oregon There’s this river... Owyhee River BLM Signage  ...Not many have run it, and the odds are you've never heard of it. Because of its remoteness. Though it courses over 346 miles, through Northern Nevada, Southwest Idaho and Southeast Oregon, it’s among the more remote commercially runnable rivers in the western U.S. (The nearest settlement to the put in, a place called Rome, which seems an ironic name for a place on the ghost end of ghost town.) ... Keep reading ›

  • Summer is Coming Video Series - Nice Ride | Orange Torpedo Trips

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | David Brower

    Rogue River Salvation |salˈvāSHən|  noun Preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss;  (one's salvation) a source or means of being saved in this way. Keep reading ›