• Orange Torpedo Trips' Friend of the Month | March 2014 | Laurie F.

    OTT Featured Friend | March 2014 Laurie F.   What trips/rivers have you run with OTT?   Lower Salmon - 2011; Rogue River - 2012 & 2013; Sun Koshi, Nepal - 2013; and I already signed up for the Klamath 2014 Hotshot trip   *I bought my own IK--not as good as OTT SOTAR version--for paddling practice, however, there are no rivers in Georgia that can compare! What was your first trip/river with OTT?  Was this your first river trip? Why did you choose OTT?  My first trip with OTT was on the Lower Salmon River, Idaho. I did Cataract Canyon with a large group on J-rigs that same summer, and ... Keep reading ›

  • First River Rafting Trips | An OTT Guide Series | Travis | Ongoing River Firsts

    Guides' First Rivers Series River guides are notorious storytellers. And whether they be true or tall, the stories we tell about the river are a part and reflection of our own story. They are a part of who we are and who we will be (deep water, brother...). So, in this spirit of storytelling and in homage to rivers everywhere, we've asked our guides to recall a notable "first" paddling experience, broadly defined, and to tell the story of that experience. In this installment, OTT guide Travis Tocher recalls not his first river or river trip, but a series of firsts surrounding the river an... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Andre Gide

    Photo shot by Eric Weiseth on the Bhote Kosi River in Nepal   Keep reading ›

  • Paddling Big Water: A Guide's Guide

    With Spring around the corner, conversation around here has started to turn to snowmelt, rainfall, and the prospect of Big Water. Definitions: What it is! OTT Guide Matt Weiseth bombing into Ikes Falls on our 2013 Klamath Hotshot Season Starter The question is: what constitutes Big Water? Not surprisingly, there is no set criterion here--and as we've talked about this piece, the issue has turned into something of a debate among some of us here at OTT. Some of us contend that when we talk about Big Water, what we’re talking about is high volume rivers and/or comparatively highe... Keep reading ›

  • First River Rafting Trips | an OTT Guide Series | Erik | The Generations of a Willie Boat.

    In this weeks edition of a guides first rafting trip our General Manager and fellow river guide shares how the Rogue River and an old Willie boat live deep into the traditions of his family. The Generations of a Willie Boat By Erik Weiseth Nish and Rowan during Rowan's first day on the river. I like to believe I was born into a life on the river. Loving the Rogue River is built into my DNA - the same way my brown eyes and a tan complexion are something I was bestowed by the genes of my parents; not a choice, just is. My father grew up exploring the Rogue River in the days when it was... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Abraham Lincoln

    Make sure you enjoy them. Keep reading ›

  • Orange Torpedo Trips' Rafting Guest of the Month | February 2014 | Leigh R.

      OTT Featured Friend | February 2014 Leigh R.   What trips/rivers have you run with OTT? I’ve run the Umpqua, Klamath, Lower Salmon, the Gold Hill “Nugget Falls” and the Lower Wild and Scenic sections of the Rogue River with Orange Torpedo Trips. What was your first trip/river with OTT?  The Lower Rogue River. The Lower Rogue was my first guided river trip. My only other river experience previously was on the Upper-Middle Rogue. What is your favorite trip/river that you have run with OTT?  They are all favorites—each an extension of the other.  It’s like picking your children.  Eac... Keep reading ›

  • First River Rafting Trips | An OTT Guide Series | Hunter | The River Through My Childrens' Eyes

      Rafting the Rogue River  For the Hundredth and First Time Ryan, A.K.A. "Hunter," and son, Ty In 14 seasons of guiding with Orange Torpedo Trips, I have had the opportunity to paddle rivers of incredible beauty, with challenging and exhilarating rapids.  From my home river, the North Umpqua, to the Main Salmon, the Klamath, the various sections of the Rogue and as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, I have repeatedly found myself awed beyond words. This past summer, I was fortunate to have a “first river experience” in taking my children, my 6-year-old son, ... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | John Craighead

  • OTT Archives | River Rescue Squad | Blossom Bar Boat Retrieval Video

    During some recent tunneling through footage, we came across this video time-lapse of N.G. (Erik Weiseth, OTT GM) and Mike Slagle (A.K.A. The Great One), who, after having been called in to help, are here seen setting up a Z-Drag and ultimately retrieving one-unlucky-someones' boat (not ours!) from the Picket Fence--the crux move in Blossom Bar on the Lower Rogue River. From the time they arrived at the rapid, it took our team just over an hour and fifteen minutes to free the raft. Once free the raft ended up flowing into the sieve on river-left, from where the OTT rescue team re-in... Keep reading ›