• Why Inflatable Kayak - Orange Torpedo Trips

    Why Inflatable Kayak By Mike Slagle AKA - "the Great One" AKA - "Old Man River" When Jerry Bentley founded Orange Torpedo Trips in 1969, he pioneered a mode of river travel that would forever alter whitewater boating. Paddlers of his orange inflatable kayaks discovered an experience more rewarding and fun than that provided by the traditional raft as craft. Through the experience, they learned a little more about who they were and were given a glimpse into the great things they could do. Torpedos are flat out fun. In a torpedo (i.e., an IK), paddlers are closer to the river than is p... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Mark Twain

    River Wisdom Wednesday | 04.16.2014     Orange Torpedo Trips' General Manager, Erik ("N.G.") snapped this shot of himself with OTT guide Aaron Lieberman and their fellow Nepalese guides from atop--what can most generously be called--a mechanically suspect Jeep just minutes after pulling away from the takeout for the Sun Kosi River in Nepal. While their adventure down the world-class Sun Kosi River was, by all accounts, the trip of a lifetime, the moment captured here marks the beginning of what would prove a whole different kind of adventure, which N.G. thus summarized: "During our almos... Keep reading ›

  • Where's Your River Guide? | Priscilla Macy

    Orange Torpedo Tripping the NW Creeking CompetitionWith summer fast approaching, Orange Torpedo Trips Guide Priscilla Macy decided it time to get back in the Torp for some pre-season training. So, off she went to the 2014 Northwest Creeking Competition--held this April 12th and 13th on the East Fork of the Lewis River and Canyon Creek in southern Washington, respectively. Here's an edit she put together of her styling the course.So enjoy, take notes and get stoked for a Whitewater Summer! Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Kenneth Grahame

        Our River Wisdom is a Wednesday thing...  But we're transitioning to River Time.    OTT Guide Ryan Hunter on a recent pre-season North Umpqua Trip       Keep reading ›

  • Photoshop Friday | 04.04.2014

      An OTT Themed Canyon Creek, WA     Keep reading ›

  • Throwback Thursday | April 3, 2014

      Where are the snow dens of yesteryear?     Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | Langston Hughes

    Take your Wednesday into deeper water.     Keep reading ›

  • LEAP Into Summer 2014 | Amateur Variety Show

    Support Wilderness Experiences, Support Your Values For those of us with access--that is, with means, know-how and opportunity--the potential therapeutic effects wilderness and wilderness adventure are more or less apparent. So, too, is an understanding of the way in which these can serve as catalysts for an individuals' personal healing and growth--by finding calm in its solace, adaptability in its capriciousness, and strength in overcoming its challenges.But it can be easy to take for granted the access that such experiences presuppose. What's more, it is often the case that those individ... Keep reading ›

  • River Wisdom Wednesday | William G.T. Shedd

  • First Rivers | An OTT Guide Series | Tanner "Bub" Marvel | The River of No Return

    Guides' First Rivers Series River guides are notorious storytellers. And whether they be true or tall or somewhere in-between, the stories we tell about the river are a part and reflection of our own story. They are a part of who we are and we will be. (Deep water, brother...) So, in this spirit of storytelling and in homage to rivers everywhere, we've asked our guides to recall a notable "first" paddling experience, broadly defined, and to tell a story about that experience.  Return to the River of No Return  Corn Creek Launch Site I am not exactly sure when my fa... Keep reading ›