The Ultimate Group Adventure: Why You Should Book a Rafting Vacation as a Private Charter

A river trip on rivers like the Rogue River or Salmon River offer a thrilling and memorable experience for groups looking for adventure. But have you considered booking your next whitewater trip as a private charter? Here are the main reasons why a private charter rafting vacation is the perfect choice for your group of friends and family.

Exclusivity and Personalization

Booking a river trip as a private charter means you and your group will have the entire whitewater rafting launch to yourself. This exclusivity allows for a more personalized experience. You can tailor the trip to fit the specific interests, the stops and kind of experience you want. This will help ensure your group can have the exact experience they are looking for and makes it easier to take younger kids or those who may need special accomodations.

Strengthening Bonds

There’s something about battling rapids together that strengthens bonds. Whether it’s family members, friends, or colleagues, a whitewater raft trip can enhance relationships through shared challenges and triumphs. The collective adventure fosters camaraderie and creates lasting memories. Stories in your family will be told years from now about the adventure of that one fun rapid or that night around the campfire telling stories.

Flexibility and Convenience

A private charter offers the flexibility to choose your own schedule and pace. Want to start early or take a leisurely approach? Prefer to spend extra time at a particularly scenic spot? With a private trip, your itinerary is adaptable to your group’s preferences, making the vacation more relaxing and enjoyable.

Unique Experiences

Private charters often provide opportunities for unique experiences that aren’t available to larger, mixed groups. This could include exploring hidden side streams, camping at exclusive sites, or enjoying special activities like cliff jumping. Your guide can offer insights and access to hidden gems along the river.

Just your people

A whitewater vacation is not just about the adrenaline rush; it’s also an opportunity to relax and connect with nature. With a private charter, your group can enjoy the serenity of the river without the distractions of unfamiliar people. It’s the perfect chance to unwind and soak in the natural beauty around you. Most of our trips, like the Rogue River and Main Salmon, float through incredible wilderness areas.  Take in some of the most wild places in the west with just your favorite people.

How to book a charter trip

We are often asked how to book a charter trip and we have a few ways to go about it depending on what people are looking for.

1. One person can book the entire trip and pay the deposit.  They then send the information links to their group so participants can fill in their own information and e-sign all of the needed paperwork.  This works best when one person is paying for the whole trip of if that one person is trying to take a burden off the rest of the group and they plan to Venmo that person later.

2. Call us at 541-479-5061 and talk to us about blocking off a date.  We can set the date for your group and turn it off so it’s just for you.  We will e-mail you a custom link you forward on to your group.  Each family or group can use that link to make their own reservation on your private date.  They can also call us to book on your date over the phone.  This is the easiest way for most group so each family or group with a reservation can manage their own payments and paperwork.

Book a Private Whitewater Rafting Trip Today

A private charter rafting vacation offers a unique, personalized, and memorable experience for groups of friends and family. From the flexibility and personalization to the strengthened bonds and exclusive experiences, the benefits are as vast as the rivers you’ll explore. So why not make your next group adventure a private rafting journey? It promises to be an unforgettable experience, tailor-made just for you and your loved ones.

Are you ready to ride the rapids with your favorite people? Book your private charter rafting adventure today!