Want To Try A New Team Activity? Give Rafting A Try!

What better way to build teamwork than by rafting down a white water river together? This challenging activity will require everyone to collaborate to stay safe and make it to the finish line. You may get a little wet and muddy along the way, but that's all part of the fun!

Rafting is the perfect way for businesses or groups of friends to come together and have some unforgettable memories. Keep reading to learn about the amazing benefits this will bring you and your group!

How Is Whitewater Rafting A Team BuildingActivity?

Team bonding is important in any activity, but it is especially important in whitewater rafting. The sport requires teamwork, communication, and trust. Working together as a team is the only way to navigate the rapids safely.

These are the 5 main reasons to try this new fun activity with your group of friends or coworkers:

  1. Must paddle in sync: It takes great coordination to paddle in sync with the rest of the team and make it through even the calmest of waters.

  2. It requires good communication: Everyone must listen to each other to know when to paddle and when to stop. You have to identify obstacles as a team and plan to avoid them while moving in the right direction.

  3. Maintaining the right gravity center: The team must distribute weight evenly and keep the raft from tipping over. The rafters must always stay seated and avoid standing up or moving around unnecessarily. If you can find a way to keep everyone focused on the same goal, your team will be much more likely to succeed. 

  4. Applying the right amount of force: Too little force will not move the raft forward, and too much force can cause the raft to tip over. The key is to find a balance between the two. You and your team need to work together to paddle in sync and apply a consistent level of force.

  5. Rafters need to trust each other: Each team member must be able to trust the others to follow instructions and paddle in unison. And you'll be relying on each other to stay safe during the trip. If someone falls out of the raft, the others need to help rescue them.

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