Must Bring Items For Your Whitewater Rafting Trip

Picture this, you're excited to go whitewater rafting this weekend. You've been planning and packing for days, but you're still unsure if you have everything. You keep asking yourself, "What else should I bring with me on my trip?"

If you've never been rafting before and you show up unprepared, you're going to be in for a long and uncomfortable day on the river. That's why we bring you this reliable and complete guide! You can count on us to ensure you're prepared for a fun and safe trip.

Personal Necessities You Need To Pack

Rafting is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Still, it's important to be prepared before embarking on this adventure. The key to a safe and enjoyable experience is packing the right items. If you want your trip to be smooth, then three essentials must be with you at all times:

  • Proper clothing: It's recommended to wear synthetic materials that will dry quickly and won't become waterlogged if they get wet.

    • Avoid cotton

    • Swimsuits

    • Tops, shorts, and pants

    • Hats or caps

  • Proper shoes: Wear shoes that can get wet without causing blisters or other problems. Shoes that can be easily removed are ideal, and closed-toe shoes are a must.

    • Sports sandals

    • Hard-soled wetsuit booties

  • Medications: If you have a medical condition requiring medication, pack enough for the entire trip, plus a few extra days in case of emergencies.

You also need to remember to bring:

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Water bottles

  • Grooming items

  • Insect repellent

  • Towels

  • Toiletries

  • Camera

  • Rain gear

  • Flashlight

  • Sleeping bag

  • Fishing equipment and license

Orange Torpedo Trips: The Best Way to Whitewater Raft

Orange Torpedo Trips is the best place to go for an unforgettable whitewater rafting experience. It is essential to be well-prepared when packing for the trip. We want you to have the time of your life as comfortably as possible.

Once you arrive at the location, we'll cover the rest! We'll supply the needed equipment, including a life jacket, helmet, wet suit, splash-top, a dry bag for your personal items, and a community dry bag to store the personal items you wish to access during the day, like a camera.