Rising Water Raising Hopes on the Rogue

The Night Is Darkest Before Dawn

A Look Downstream at the Wild & Scenic Rogue River Canyon
Despite what can only be called an abnormally warm and dry Winter for Southern Oregon, recent assessments by officials charged with managing water in the Rogue Basin offer good reason for optimism, if not outright celebration. According to Jim Buck, operations project manger for the Army Corps of Engineer’s Rogue River Basin Project, "we’re pretty likely looking at filling Lost Creek," the dam that more or less controls the Rogue's water supply, and to put it simply: a full Lost Creek Reservoir generally translates into healthy, reliable flows for rafting and kayaking further downstream on the Rogue. So take heart, friends. 
For the winds of fate have shifted in our favor,
And the River beckons, 'come sooner than later'.
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