OTT Archives | River Rescue Squad | Blossom Bar Boat Retrieval Video

During some recent tunneling through footage, we came across this video time-lapse of N.G. (Erik Weiseth, OTT GM) and Mike Slagle (A.K.A. The Great One), who, after having been called in to help, are here seen setting up a Z-Drag and ultimately retrieving one-unlucky-someones' boat (not ours!) from the Picket Fence--the crux move in Blossom Bar on the Lower Rogue River. From the time they arrived at the rapid, it took our team just over an hour and fifteen minutes to free the raft. Once free the raft ended up flowing into the sieve on river-left, from where the OTT rescue team re-inflated it and  N.G. rowed it out.