Quality Time, Lasting Memories: The Significance of Vacations

A 2013 survey administered by the U.S. Travel Association geared toward family members’ views and feelings about vacation and family travel has produced findings, which, while perhaps not revealing anything all that novel or surprising, do offer some important reminders.

On the younger end of things, just about every child surveyed (more than 9 in 10) agreed that on vacations “I get to spend quality time with my parents,” and most strongly agree that “vacations bring my family closer together.” Youth participants between the ages of 8-18 also strongly agreed that on family vacations they “see and do new things that I’ll remember for a long time,” and that “some of their best memories are of things that I did during a family vacation.” (TravelEffect, March 13, 2013, http://bit.ly/16B6R2m)

On the wiser end of things, 75%  of vacationers older than 55 agreed that they “still have ‘vivid’ memories of childhood vacations” and 84% report that “some of their favorite family stories are from family vacations.” (Ibid.)

Reading through the report, I thought about a father and son, whom I had the pleasure of guiding down the Main Salmon River in Idaho this past 2013 Summer. In particular, I thought of something the father said when asked why he’d decided to do the trip. He told me how his father had taken him on a trip down the Main Salmon when he was still school-age, and how that experience had stood out, stuck with him, across  the years as something special. He knew it was something he wanted to give his son as well. Later on, swimming in the cool of a side-creek, I asked the son what he thought of the trip so far. He told me it was the best thing he’d ever done, and he’d never forget it.

What that story and these survey findings seem to remind us, is that when we travel or vacation, we are taking a journey, setting out on an adventure. When we do this with our loved ones, we are giving them the gift of adventure and experience and memory. And these are the greatest gifts we can give.

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