My favorite rapids

On a whitewater rafting trip with Orange Torpedo Trips, you are likely to hear the guides ( and returning guests) “cussing and discussing” rapids they have run. Here’s a short list of my personal favorites.

Rogue River
Wildcat Rapids (Class III): Wildcat is an enjoyable rapid at any flow. Long and straight, Wildcat consists of a series of exciting waves that pass the legendary “alligator rock” near the bottom.

Lower Black Bar Falls

Lower Black Bar Falls (III): The last rapid of Day 1, it offers a fitting conclusion to the day. This is a short, steep drop that offers one of the best rides on the river. Follow your guide to the left side for the big ride !

Main Salmon
Split Rock (III): Not as well known as other rapids on the Salmon, this roller-coaster ride begins near its namesake rock and has an unmatched set of standing waves that will excite even the most jaded paddler.

Ukonom Cr. (III):  This last rapid of Day 2 is set deep in the canyon. Ukonom has a great series of waves that are re-runnable. Guests often portage back up the bank for another chance at a great ride.

North Umpqua

 Amazon Queen (III)  : Also known as “Eiffel Tower” on some river maps. This rapid has the  largestwave on the North Umpqua. Aim for the deepest part of the wave and it’s a challenge ! Also an awesome re-run.
The Great One “AKA Slagle”