• Meet your guide - Melody

    Mel, as we call her, is one of those guides that every guest remembers. I regularly get e-mails from guests commenting on her incredible kindness, leadership, and un-parralled work ethic Keep reading ›

  • The Grand Canyon of the Salmon River

    The Grand Canyon of the Salmon River is one Keep reading ›

  • River Guide Spotlight - Tim Satre

    River Guide Spotlight - Tim Satre

    Tim has been an icon of the Rogue River for decades. We wanted to hear from Tim directly about the Rogue River, guiding, kayaking and his time floating. Keep reading ›

  • Why I love our raft supported trail trips on the Rogue and Salmon Rivers

    Over the years I have floated the Salmon and Rogue Rivers more times than I probably dare to count.  These are places where the rocks feel like old friends, pieces of the landscape which bring back memories of great adventures in the past, landmarks which drum up feelings of familiarity and being at home. And yet, one of the other things I love about these incredible river canyons is how much is left to discover, as my first trip down the trail showed me. If rafting the Wild and Scenic Rogue River is an adventure in the familiar for me, I assumed hiking the trail would have a similar fee... Keep reading ›

  • 2019 - The year of the snow!

    2019 - The Year of the Snow = The year for rafting! As February comes to a close, here in Idaho we have had 300% of normal snowfall for this month.  Snowpacks in Idaho look are as good as we have seen them in a decade.  The Salmon River drainage is at almost 110% of normal and the Payette River drainage is at almost 120%.  July and August trips on the Salmon River are going to be amazing with higher water, bigger waves, and great weather.  For those looking for some high water adventure, middle and late June trips on the Riggins day section are going to be all-time!   In Oregon th... Keep reading ›

  • What we love about spring rafting

    Grande Ronde River After a couple months sitting in the cold, the rain, and the snow spring eventually starts to poke out its head with longer days and more sunshine.  The extra vitamin D on our skin inevitably jump starts the cogs in our head towards thinking about floating on the river and exploring the wild places these flowing treasures of the PNW can take us. We begin to dream about sunsets with a cold beverage in our hand after a day of successful paddling and sunrises with a hot cup of coffee as we anticipate the whitewater below us. The warming of the days means we begin our trans... Keep reading ›

  • Southern Oregon Adventure Guide

    We have created the ultimate guide to the best Southern Oregon 1-day adventures.  We have embedded the map below of activities.  You can also download our Adventure Catalog that has more details on each of these activities.  Download the Catalog here. Keep reading ›

  • Will the Rogue River have water in 2015?

    As summer rounds the bend and the sun begins to rise on another river season the phones have again started ringing with vigor. Folks wanting to ensure summer does not float by without a river trip are making their reservations.  In those calls we have noticed one commonality, namely: a concern regarding expected water levels on our beautiful Southern Oregon rivers.  To address this concern bluntly and simply, let me say this: we are excited about river flows for this summer on the Rogue, Klamath, and North Umpqua Rivers.  All evidence is pointing towards an incredible summer with ample wat... Keep reading ›

  • Southern Oregon Family Adventures

    As adventurers with kids we understand how difficult it can be to plan a full vacation with a variety of great activities. As Southern Oregon natives we are sharing some of our secret spots for family adventure.  This list is designed for families who want to get out and explore.  If you believe that great family memories are created exploring this is the list of Southern Oregon adventures you were looking for. Map of Events Below are links to all of the activities listed on the map above.  If you want to get our summary of each event download our Southern Oregon Family Travel packet. ... Keep reading ›

  • First Rivers | An OTT Guide Series | Initiated on the Stan by "Stich\

    Guides' First Rivers Series River guides are notorious storytellers—and whether they be true or tall or somewhere in-between, the stories we tell about the river are a part and reflection of our own story. They are a part of who we are and we will be. (Deep water, brother...) So, in this spirit of storytelling and in homage to rivers everywhere, we've asked our guides to recall a notable "first" paddling experience, broadly defined, and to tell a story about that experience.  Initiated on the Stan by Stich Tichenor Stich on the Rogue in 1983 No shit, there I was... (T... Keep reading ›