Owihee River Rafting

The Owyhee River is a majestic adventure for kayakers and whitewater rafters of all skill levels. This river offers something for everyone, from peaceful Class I floats to heart-pounding Class V whitewater rapids.

The Owyhee River rafting services offered by Orange Torpedo Trips are the perfect way to experience this amazing river. With experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment, you can rest assured that your trip down the Owyhee will be safe and enjoyable.


A Guide to Owyhee River Rafting Services

With our exciting 5-day whitewater rafting tours on the Owyhee, we will take you through areas of the river that are chock-full of rapids and other exciting natural features, providing a simply unbeatable experience.

If you're an avid outdoorsman looking for more than just thrills, our Owyhee kayaking tours offer an opportunity to explore one of the most pristine and beautiful regions of central Idaho in all its glory. From serene backcountry stretches to raging white water rapids, the Owyhee River offers something for everyone. 

What to Expect?

  • 5-day trip.

  • Camp with a hot-spring pool.

  • Hikes into Pruitt’s Castle and the Chalk Basin.

  • Stops to see Native American petroglyphs.

Trip Information

  • Price Range: $1349

  • Duration: 5 Days

  • Distance: 49-68 miles

  • Start/End: Rome, OR

  • Seasons: April-May

  • Closest Airport: Boise, ID


Starts at 9:00 at the raft launch site in Rome, Oregon. Receive the right attire, protection and a PDF, while going through an extensive teaching lesson on safety and protection.

  1. We’ll explore through eastern Oregon farmland, and about 5.5 miles into the river, we’ll get to a flat farmland and into a tight, vertically walled river valley.

  2. The white water begins. We’ll float into Sweetwater Canyon with class III rapids, including Long Sweetwater, Upset, and BullsEye. Then we’ll hike into Pruitt’s Castle and the Chalk Basin. Dinner will be around a campfire.

  3. We’ll walk to the heart of the Owyhee Canyon and paddle through class III whitewater until getting to a class IV rapid. Finally, we'll camp in the heart of the gorge.

  4. Wake up next to the river and get ready to get back in action. We’ll continue our course by eating, paddling, relaxing, and sleeping. By the end of the day, we’ll have crossed class II and III rapids until noon, when we’ll finally settle our camp for the night.

  5. Finally, we get to the last day. Here we’ll reach the top of the river before returning to Boise or Rome. If the lake is not an option, we’ll float through Birch Creek Ranch.

Owyhee River: A Majestic Adventure for All

Don't wait - book your trip with Orange Torpedo Trips and experience Owyhee river rafting services today. Get ready for a wilderness event unlike any other.

We have everything you need to get your adrenaline pumping! Whether you're an experienced kayaker or a whitewater rafting newbie, we offer a variety of exciting whitewater rafting tours and an opportunity to explore one of the most pristine and beautiful regions of central Idaho in all its glory.


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