Mike’s favorite month to raft the Rogue River

I asked Mike, AKA “captain skirt, the great one, OG (old guy)………,” to share some of his Rogue River knowledge with the blog readers. Mike decided to share about his favorite time of year to raft the Rogue River. Mike is going into his 38th year guiding for Orange Torpedo on the Rogue River, so if anyone knows what they are talking about, it’s Mike.

June is my favorite month on the Rogue. Wildflowers are still in bloom, the grass on the open hillsides has yet to turn brown, and the new growth on the pines and firs lining the canyon is still a bright green. All the colors seem to be more intense, and the river itself still has that tinge of late snowmelt.

Weather can be iffy in June, but it is rare to get more than one day of rain on a trip. Sunny days are comfortable, not hot ( like August ), and even a rainy day is an adventure. Our paddling jackets and wet suits keep everyone warm, and the lodges have a special quality on those rainy nights.

Early summer water levels tend to make most rapids a little easier. Higher flows make for lots of floating instead of paddling, and shorter days on the river give us more time for side hikes and explorations that we have to bypass later in the summer. Smaller groups in June also make for more individual attention from the guides.

Come join us in June. It’s a great time of year to see the Rogue.

Thanks Mike for sharing your expertise with us. Keep checking back for more river knowledge from one of the Rogue River’s most experienced guides. Now you just need to learn more about how you sign up to run the Rogue River with Orange Torpedo Trips