Klamath River Whitewater Rafting Trips

Klamath River rafting trips are known for warm water, hot weather, and great whitewater. Located in Northern California the Klamath River is the perfect escape for anyone coming from the Bay Area or Sacramento just looking for a few days away.  A great feature of the Klamath River is the variety of trips offered here. Our best beginner two and three day camping based river trips are here and the make for the ideal family rafting trip. We also have our 3 day Klamath River hotshot trip which will keep even the most whitewater experienced veteran thrilling with joy. So find the perfect trip for you and come on out to BigFoot country, it’s a beautiful place to be and you will quickly see why, if the rumors are true, Bigfoot calls the beautiful Klamath River canyon home.

Klamath Hotshot

3 days

This is THE WHITEWATER TRIP. If you want to go out and run whitewater sign up for this trip. Put your paddle skills to the test against rapids like Ike Falls, Big Ike, Rattle Snake, and Lunch Box. We schedule a special guides and friends trip here every year because we love it so much!

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Klamath Wild and Scenic

3 days

One National Geographic Adventure Magazines "Top 10 family adventures" this rafting trip on the Klamath River is the ultimate first camping and rafting experience. Come challenge the numerous class III rapids, swim in the warm water and relax on beautiful beaches. Ideal for families in rafts and teenagers in inflatable kayaks

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What our guests have to say...

Klamath Wild and Scenic Trip

Reviewed by Tribeofascher on July 14, 2014

“OTT Rocks!”

It was such a blast to have a bunch of knowledgeable, talented, and up-beat people take care of all the details as we covered about 35 miles of the Lower Klamath over three days. The one-person torpedoes were in near-new condition and the rest of their gear (tents, chairs, etc.) was adequate or better. The guides were fun and easy-going, yet kept an eye-out for everyone's safety. Our tweens loved the trip and we are all planning the next ("bigger waves, Dad!") trip.