Idaho Whitewater Rafting Trips

Idaho is known as the “Whitewater State” for it’s vast number of thrilling whitewater rafting trips. As a destination for river rafting enthusiasts from all of the world, Idaho is home to a few of the worlds best river rafting trips. Two of those trips are the Main and Lower sections of the spectacular Idaho Salmon River. The Main Salmon River is in the heart of a pristine Idaho wilderness area filled with un-matched scenery and whitewater. The Main Salmon River of Idaho offers all camping trips but more uniquely, it also hosts all-lodge trips!¬†Idaho’s Lower Salmon River is incredible camping, BIG waves, and warm water making it the ideal family whitewater rafting trip not just in Idaho, but¬†arguably in the country.

Lower Salmon Canyons

4 days

The Lower Salmon River is our premier family camping trip. With warm water, great weather, and perfect whitewater for both the adults and kids, the Lower Salmon River is simply as good as it gets for taking the kids camping and rafting. Check out this trip and start getting the sunscreen ready, you're going to need it.

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Main Salmon River of No Return

6 days

Main Salmon River Rafting in Idaho is the ultimate Orange Torpedo wilderness trip. After an adventure down the "River of No Return," you go home with stories of class III and IV rapids, sitting in hot springs, climbing Buckskin Bill's tower, and seeing plenty of wildlife. Escape from the world on a 6-day all camping trip or a 6-day trip with a night in the lodge on night 3 for that hot shower.

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Main Salmon Into the Wild

3 or 4 days

If you want to see the River of No Return but can't spare the time away for the full 6-day trip check out this bottom half trip. It's a great way to see the beautiful Main Salmon River canyon.

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Salmon River Riggins Day Trip

1/2 or 1 day

Spending some time in Riggins or McCall Idaho and need a day of fun on the river? We have the perfect river trip for you. Learn to paddle an inflatable kayak or splash in a raft on the thrilling Riggins section of the Salmon River. Start the morning off in calmer water mastering your craft before taking on the bigger whitewater in the afternoon. Our skilled guides teach you everything you need to know so you can take on the rapids. Riding on a raft or learning to paddle an inflatable kayak, either way the whitewater of the Salmon River will give you a day to remember.

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What our guests have to say...

Lower Salmon Canyons Trip

Reviewed by Joe C on August 4, 2014

“A Phenomenal Trip!”

My wife and I bought a trip at auction for the Lower Salmon River with Orange Torpedo. We had an exciting and very pleasurable trip. The guides were phenomenal, the food great and the excitement unmatched. We plan to take the trip again.