Wild Rogue River Everything Rental

The true Full Service Trip - all the fun, none of the work

This is the Rogue River version of the “Painless Private” you have seen on the Grand.

We will pack your food, supply your gear, get it all to the river and bring it all home.  You just go on a great river trip!

The ideal way to do the trip:

Setup your full rental with on the phone – layout your food requests, needs etc.

Arrive for your trip the afternoon before you launch.  Swing by our shop in Merlin Oregon on your way to the river. We will go over everything with you to ensure you have all the gear you need and everything makes sense. We can also go over all of your vehicle shuttle info at this time.

Go and camp at Almeda Bar.  We will bring the rafts down with all of the gear and food and drop them off that night.  That way you can rig and pack all of your gear that evening and the following morning.  Launch and have a great trip. After you launch we will come down, pick up your cars and bring them to our place.

Before you arrive at Foster Bar (the takeout) we will move your cars to Foster so they are waiting for you.  When you arrive we will be there waiting to load up the rafts and take them home.  You unload your stuff, maybe help us slide them on our trailer, and off you go on your way.  Easy as that.

We are also happy to have you park at our place and ride down with us.  We can also bring you back from Foster Bar if you would rather not have your rigs shuttled.  We can take 13 people and 3 rafts in one go.


Food Pack

We will pack and prep your food.  When you show up we will give you a diagram of your coolers with where things are.  They will be labeled by meal/day.  You will have separate dry goods buckets labeled by day/meal.  We will also hand you a binder with a full packing list, a calendar of meals, and recipes/instructions for all meals.

This is our basic menu.  We can supplement this basic menu for Vegetarians and we have a special box with substitutions for anyone who needs to be gluten free.

We designed the menu to be enjoyable but easy so you can spend your time hiking, swimming, boating, exploring and relaxing instead of cooking.

Trip Pack comes with a “snack box” with a variety of snack items and a “coffee box” for the all important morning ritual.  We also have a “gluten free” box available to supplement out in existing meals where needed for anyone gluten free.

We do not offer food packs for anyone doing fewer than 3 days.

Day 1

Lunch: Cold Cuts served w/ PB & J, assorted bread/wraps and a corn salad.

Dinner: Shrimp Linguini w/ lemon, garlic, butter and a spinach salad.

Dessert: Pre Made Brownies

Day 2

Breakfast: Easy Biscuits and Gravy 

Lunch: pita/hummus beans recipe

Dinner: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with mash potatoes. & coleslaw

*Veg alternative – Caprese Sandwiches

Dessert: Assorted Cookies

Day 3

Breakfast: Bagels & Cream Cheese

Lunch: BLT Sandwich 

Dinner: Chicken street tacos served w/ chips & guac & salsa

Dessert: Assorted Chocolate/Candy

Day 4

Breakfast: Easy Fried Egg Sandwiches – eggs, cheese, English muffins 

Lunch: Salami and cheese sandwiches

Dinner: Pre-made Gnocchi & Pesto w/ French Bread & butter

Day 5

Breakfast: Assorted Cereal, Oatmeal w/ walnuts & raisins

Lunch: Cold Cuts

Dinner:  Spaghetti & Meatballs w/ bread?

Dessert: Pepperidge Farms Dessert Cookie

Day 6

Breakfast: Bagels & Cream Cheese –

Lunch: Cold Cuts


Our kitchens come with all the gear you need for a great trip.  Kitchens include a setup for making coffee, a setup for cleaning dishes, a stove, propane and basically everything else you need.  1 kitchen is good for up to 12 people.  If you have more than 12 you should rent 2 kitchens. See the full list below

Counter top table

2-burner Partner stove with stove repair kit

5 gallon propane tank

Serving Spoons
cheese grater
wire whisk
measuring cups
measuring spoons
potato peeler
4 kitchen knives and kitchen shears
Cutting Boards
cork screw
can opener
pot holders
oven mit
tin foil – full roll
garbage bags
big mixing bowls
sauce pans
stock pot w/lid
Hand Sanitizer
Table cloth
Clothes pins
Salt and Pepper

2 pair gloves
dish soap
scrubber w/ handle
hand soap
dish towel
wire strainer
3 washing tubs


For our rentals we have a couple different boat setups but all are either SOTAR or Tributary 14ft self-bailing boats.  These boats have custom built frames that are perfect for the Rogue River.  They include a 96qrt or 105qrt cooler and at least one dry box.  All boats come with 3 9ft oars MX oars with whitewater ash blades from the worlds best oar manufacturer, SAWYER.

Standard equipment included: Raft, Frame, Cooler, Dry Box, Throw Rope, a collection of straps, barrel pump, repair kit, dry bags, PFD’s, optional helmets. OUR OARS COME STANDARD WITH STANDARD OAR LOCKS.  If you would like Oar Rights we can put them on for an additional fee.

Rental includes us dropping the boat(s) and picking them up at Foster Bar at the conclusion.



Oared Raft with basic gear with drop off and pickup.

3-day – $535 for first boat.  Boats 2 and 3 are $385.

4-day – $635 for first boat. Boats 2 and 3 are $485.

5-day – $750 for first boat. Boats 2 and 3 are $600.

6-day – $865 for first boat. Boats 2 and 3 are $715.

7-day – $980 for first boat. Boats 2 and 3 are $830.

Having a car shuttled is $125 per car (assuming we can drive the bear camp route)


$25 Pack fee per day of your trip.

$25 per person/per day food fee.

Glutten Free or Dairy Free box, additional $5 per person per day.


Kitchen – $35 per day

Toilet – $15 per day

5 gallon water jugs – $7 per day

Rain/shade fly – $20 per day

Chairs – $15 per day

AIRE landing mat sleeping pad – $10 per day

Wetsuits – $10 per day

Splash pants/jacket – $7 per day

Fire pan – $15 per day

Roll table – $10 per day

Oar Rights – $15 per day

Inflatable kayaks – $35 per day

Call today to book your gear - 541-479-5061