Rogue River 1-day Rafting and Kayaking Recreation Section - Whitewater Cowboys

The Middle Rogue River is a wonderful place to hone your rafting or kayaking skills. We strongly recommend going on a guided trip for your first time down this section of the Rogue River so you can learn the rapids and the proper boating techniques before taking on the fun rapids like Upper Galice or Argo. We offer some great guided trip options on this section of the Rogue River, you can learn more about our one-day Rogue River rafting trips.


However if you are more of a do-it-yourself kind of person or have some experience we can help you with everything you need to have a great day on this done-in-a-day section.  To help you with your trip we offer three types of boats and four package options.

Boat Types:

Inflatable Kayak: These are our single person, custom designed, inflatable kayaks.  These are a great way to experience this section of river.  They are stable enough for most novice paddlers while the class II whitewater still proves exciting for even the experienced paddler.

Paddle Raft: This is when everyone is in the raft together and everyone paddles.  This is the classic team rafting and we have a boat the right size for groups ranging from 2 people to 8 people.

Oared Raft: For this setup we put a frame in the raft so one person can do all the work.  This is a great setup if you have smaller kids and someone who knows how to row.


Package Options:

Basic Package: Pickup the gear, use it all day and bring it back when you are done.  We rent you the stuff and you deal with all the transportation.

Full Service Packages: We will rent you all the gear we need and then drop you, your group and the gear at the river.  Then at a pre-set time we will meet you at your designated take-out to return you and the equipment to our shop.  This option makes it easy with everything you need included.

Scenic Half-day: This float launches at Hog Creek and takes out at Galice Store.  Plan on being on the river about 3 hours.  Float through the incredibly scenic Hellgate Canyon and Taylor Creek Canyon.  Challenge yourself with four class II rapids, Dunn Riffle, Rooster Tail, Upper Galice, and Lower Galice.  There are a few other smaller rapids as well.  Plenty of swimming opportunities and amazing scenery make this the ideal “first-timer” half-day option.

Action Packed Afternoon: Ennis Bar to Grave Creek, roughly 4 hours on the river. This is the “locals favorite” half-day trip.  On this trip you are able to get the most whitewater in the least number of miles.  With the 7 best class II or II+ rapids on the Rogue this section has the whitewater making it thrilling and also floats past the famous “jumping rock” where crowds gather in the summer to watch everyone test their courage.

Full Day: Hog Creek to Grave Creek, roughly 7.5-8 hours. Combine the two trips above for the ideal day on the river.  Plan roughly 7.5-8 hours on the river but you get the chance to experience it all.  Get all the scenery, all the whitewater, and have all the fun.