Rogue River Raft Rentals - FAQ's

  • Q: How do 1-day rentals work?

    1st – Select the kind of rental package you want.

    Basic package –  is when you pickup the gear, use it, and then return it to us.  This package assumes you have a vehicle capable of transporting the gear or a trailer to put it on.  Pickup the stuff, use it, then return it before 7PM or by 7:30am the following morning.

    Full Package – we have 3 full packages which all include the equipment you want and transportation to and from the river.  If you need shuttles included in your rental choose a “full package” that matches the day you are looking for.  A. Scenic half-day, 3hours on the river. B. Action Packed Afternoon, 4 hours on the river. C. Full Day, 8 hours on the river.

    2nd – Choose your boat type.  Choose if you want an inflatable kayak package or a raft package.  After choosing one you can add the other later in the process.  Also, if you want to add a frame to your raft that is later in the process.

    3rd – Choose your arrival time.  When making your reservation you will select what time you want to arrive.  Book early as we have limited space per time and the popular arrival times disappear.

    4th – Add additional equipment or frames for rafts.

    5th – Use the link e-mailed to you after booking to fill out your release forms prior to arrival.  This will make your experience the day of much easier.

    6th – Arrive at our shop and follow the signs to your meeting spot.  Then we will take care of everything to help you have a great day!

  • Q: Rentals are per person?

    1-day rentals are per person.  You signup your group and we will make sure you are in the perfect size raft for your group.  This just seemed to make things easier for everyone.  Now you just tell us how many adults and kids and we will make sure you get the best stuff.

  • Q: What age is considered “Youth”?

    Youth is 17 and under.

  • Q: What can I do to make my day rental go smoother

    1st – reserve your equipment early when you can get the package, the equipment type, and the times you want. Do it online and save 20%.

    2nd – do your release paperwork online using the link you are e-mailed after signing up.

    3rd – If you can, use the link in the e-mail you receive after booking to make the final payment for your reservation before you arrive.

    4th – arrive on time.

    5th – IF you have done all of these things you will be able to bypass all the lines and go straight to getting sized up, loaded in the van, and on the river.


  • Q: Are rentals by the hour or by the day?

    Multi-day rentals are all by the day.  The more days, the cheaper the per-day rate.

    Single day rentals are for the time period selected when booking.

    Basic rentals are yours from the time you pick them up until 7:30am the following day.

    Full package rentals where we drop you off at the river and then pick you up at the takeout are yours during that period with a set rate for that specific trip.  You do have the option to have an “extended” trip where you can float for one hour longer than most at no additional charge.

  • Q: Do shuttles run at specific times?

    When signing up for your rental we do schedule you for a specific time.  First choose the rental trip you want from our three choices and then choose the time you want to arrive.  During the booking process you can choose from the available arrival times.

  • Q: Do rentals include the shuttle to and from the river?

    A basic rental package does NOT include any shuttles

    Any of our full package options do include all the shuttles.  For Day trips all the full package options include being transported from our shop to the river and then returned from the river to our shop.  For day trips all arrival times are scheduled when booking.

    Multi-day full service package includes either having your car shuttled to Foster Bar and us picking up our gear OR having us pickup you and the gear at Foster Bar. All pickups at Foster bar are at 1pm.

  • Q: Do raft and kayak rentals come with everything I need to go on the river?

    Raft and kayaks come with everything you need, boat a PFD per person, paddles and Oregon State Marine Board invasive species permits.

  • Q: How do the Multi-Day “Full Package” shuttles work?

    With a multi-day full package you can choose

    On the put-in side to either:

    1. Park at our store and be dropped at the river with your equipment.
    2. Have us drop the raft at your launch point and then pick up your cars later and store them for you (for an additional fee per car)

    On the pickup side at Foster Bar:

    1. Have us pickup you and your equipment at 1pm.
    2. Have us shuttle your car and pickup your equipment but not people. Again, gear pickup is at 1pm.
  • Q: Does Whitewater Cowboys rent trailers?

    We do not rent trailers.

  • Q: Will I have cell service during the trip?

    NOPE. One of the best parts of a wilderness river trip is that your phone will not work. No cell service, 3G, wireless or any of the above. It’s a beautiful thing.