The Paddled Pub on the Rogue River

The Paddled Pub on the Rogue River Trip Summary


It seems to be universally agreed that the perfect summer days include great weather, enjoyed with a cold beer in hand and the sound of a river in the background.  Floats on The Paddled Pub, are all about the perfect summer day.  Enjoy the Southern Oregon weather while sitting comfortably in the shade, a local microbrew in hand, all while floating down the world-famous Rogue River on our custom built raft.

On this boat, you sit around a bar, while taking in the river scenery as the skilled oarsman rows the raft through the gentile currents of the Rogue.  Grab a few friends or book the whole boat.  Either way, you are in for a relaxing time on the river.

Space is limited and the Pub fills fast, so book your spot today


The Paddled Pub on the Rogue River Trip Itinerary

Trip Times:

Trips run twice daily:

Noon to 3:30 pm

3:45 to 7:30 pm


Meet at Climate City Brewing:

Upon arrival check in with The Paddled Pub staff member in the parking lot. After checking in head into the brewery and purchase your Crowler of local draft beer to enjoy on the float. Remember, beverages are not included with your trip registration fee. All beverages are purchased through Climate City Brewing prior to departing on the trip and are then brought on the trip for your personal consumption.  You can purchase up to two 32oz crowlers per person for the trip.

Head to the river:

When everyone has their beverages in hand, you’ll head outside where we have a cooler with ice for your beer. We load in the van for the five-minute drive to our launch point on the Rogue River. At the river, the guide will give a brief orientation on the boat and our river travel before everyone loads up, the tables drop down, the pint cups come out and we start our two-hour float down river through the town of Grants Pass.


This is why you are here.  Once floating, our server will get everyone a pint glass for you to fill with your personal beverage out of the cooler. Once your beer is poured and snacks are being served, just sit back, take in the surroundings, enjoy your friends and love where you are.  About 45 minutes into the float we stop at a local park to offload for a quick bathroom break.  Then back on for another hour of relaxing on the river. We float on this trip from Baker Park to Whitehorse Park.


After about 7-river-miles, a few small rapids, and hopefully a few pints, the group arrives at the takeout for the trip. When everyone has made it off the raft the group will load into the van and return to Climate City Brewing, where we strongly recommend going inside and grab one of Southern Oregon’s best meals.

Travel Information for the The Paddled Pub on the Rogue River

Where to Meet Orange Torpedo Trips

We meet at Climate City Brewing in the main parking lot on the south side of the building. 509 SW G Street, Grants Pass, OR 97526.  Please arrive promptly or a little early to get your Crowler filled inside.



There are many great places to stay in Grants Pass but we highly recommend the Redwood Motel.


Many local camping options exist.  Our trip takes off the river at Whitehorse Park which has camping available.  We also recommend Indian Mary Park.

Flying In

Closest airport is Medford Oregon, about 30 minutes away.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Bathroom on the Paddled Pub

    During our float on The Paddled Pub we make one stop halfway through the trip for a bathroom break.  The total float is roughly two hours and our restroom stop is about 50 minutes into the float.

  • Q: Will I get wet on The Paddled Pub

    Your feet WILL get wet.  The rest of you should stay pretty dry.

  • Q: Can we swim during The Paddled Pub float?

    At no time during The Paddled Pub float will you be allowed to swim.

  • Q: What can we bring to drink on The Paddled Pub

    At this time all beer must be purchased from Climate City Brewing.  They have great locally brewed beers, poured straight from the TAP into their 32oz Crowlers for the trip.  Beer purchase costs are separate from the trip fees.  If beer is not your thing you are welcome to bring any non-alcoholic beverage you would like.

    You are allowed to bring two 32oz Crowlers on the boat.

  • Q: What if I have been drinking for a while before the float?

    If you arrive and appear visibly intoxicated to our staff you will not be allowed on the boat and you will not receive a refund.  Enjoy some food and a beer at Climate City before the float but if, upon your arrival, we feel you could become a hazard on the boat due to previous alcohol consumption you will not be allowed.

The Paddled Pub on the Rogue River Trip Rates/Dates

2016 Per person


  • Monday-Thursday - $49
  • Friday - Sunday - $54

Trip Start Dates:

  • May through October -

2016 Full Boat Reservations - Book the whole boat.


  • Monday-Thursday - $500
  • Friday-Sunday - $625

Trip Start Dates:

  • May through October -

The Paddled Pub on the Rogue River Trip Packing List

  • Light Jacket (On evening trips)
  • Shoes/Sandals that can get wet (They will get wet)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Screen