River rafting guide of the month – March 2010

This month’s highlighted river guide is Ben Silva aka t-roll.
I have had the pleasure of running 10 or so Salmon River trips with Ben and can assure you that there is not a more fun guy to go down the river with.  For a few years Ben was our Head Guide on the Canyons of the Lower Salmon where he was known for his great cooking and ability to write some wonderful songs with fellow guides.  Now that “t-roll” is a licensed teacher and married he will be seen more often on the Rogue River dancing in the glow stick skits and sharing Rogue River history the way only a history teacher can.  Hopefully you will be lucky to have Ben as a guide this summer on the Rogue River.
1. Years guiding with OTT? This will be my 7th
2. What is your favorite River and why? Lower Salmon for the hot weather, white sandy beaches, and big waves.
3. Favorite river trip memory? Probably first year guiding on the Lower Salmon when Chewy broke half of his front tooth at the put-in the morning of a trip, or the first time I met Missouri.
4. Why do you keep coming back to OTT? The friends I have made, and all the new memories.
5. What are you most looking forward to about this season? Just getting back on the river, it has been a long offseason and I am tired of this cold weather.
6. What do you do in the off season? Just finished my masters degree, and am currently looking for a job as a high school teacher.
7. What other sports or activities do you love.  Coaching basketball, fishing, and spending time outdoors.