River guide of the Month – Feb 2010

Orange Torpedo Trips Rafting Guide of the Month – Feb 2010, Kim Gonzales.

Kim has been with us for more than a few years and has proved her ability as one of our top Torpedo Guides and hardest workers.  She is always working to perfect guiding techniques and jumps on the opportunity to learn anything new relating being a better river guide.  When Kim started she had spent very little time in a Torpedo and through hard work and a love what she is doing she has become one of the best.  She has proven herself as a great river guide and will be our first female head guide on the Main Salmon River this summer. If you are lucky enough to be on one of her Idaho trips it will be an experience you will fondly remember.

Years Guiding?
This is my 5th year

Favorite River? The Main Salmon. I love how every trip is different and exciting! Not to mention the great company, food, and memories you share camping out on the river. But if I had to make a quick day trip I love doing the nugget/powerhouse stretch. Its a rush every time!

Favorite trip memory? Soooo many! But I was lucky to celebrate my 21st birthday during a trip on the Main Salmon.  Lets just say some good memories were made.

Why do you keep coming back? I love working on the river and for this company. I’ve made great friends and created some awesome memories. The inflatable kayaks are fun and I love teaching and taking people of all skill levels down the river.

What are you looking forward to this next season? Idaho! Can’t wait to hit up chittum and vinegar rapids on the Main Salmon again.

What do you do in the off season? In the off season I am in school.

What are your off river activities?  When I’m not finishing up homework I like to play volleyball and hangout with friends.