Whitewater Rafting Guide of the Month – Orange Torpedo Trips

Our river guides are the heart of who we are and what we do.  Without great guides we would never have great trips.  We feel we have the best in the industry, especially for our unique type of guiding.  Our great guides are the reason people come back for decades to run the Rogue, Salmon, Klamath, and North Umpqua Rivers.  As part of our effort to share who we are we will start highlighting a guide every month here on the blog.  It is going to be our effort to share with anyone reading this a little bit about their current favorite, or soon to be favorite, river guide from their trip on the Rogue, Salmon, Klamath, or North Umpqua Rivers.

January Rafting Guide of the Month: Tim Satre

Nickname: Satre

Years Guiding:This will be my 20th season with OTT

Off Season Occupation:  “In the off season I am a teacher and a wrestling coach.”

Favorite River: My favorite river is actually a blend of the three rivers I run with OTT. 

First is the fast waters of the North Umpqua!  My favorite rapid of all time is 
Lower Island.  The Umpqua continuously challenges me even
after 20 years. The continuous fast paced water with the big holes and reversals 
keeps even the veteran kayakers on their toes. 
The Ikes section on the Kamath River in big water would have to be another 
favorite of mine.  Although the Klamath drops fast during the
season, if your lucky enough to get to run it at 12-14,000 CFS you wont forget it! 
The Rogue is in my opinion our premere river trip for everyone.  The
second half of day one has 13 big rapids from lunch to lodge! This would have 
to be my favorite single day on any river.  Once you couple the days whitewater 
with the slow and layed back night at the lodge.  Its a perfect mix of excitement 
and relaxation.  The only problem with this day on the Rogue is its not long enough."
What is one of your favorite memories? "Favorite memory?  I have so many 
great memories its hard to choose but I will say if you haven't seen Mike Slagle 
dance the YMCA at dico night, you havent fully lived!  LOL "

Why do you keep coming back?I keep coming back back for several reasons. I believe in this. company! Everything at OTT is done to give the safest and most exciting river trip possible. The inflatable kayak is the most amazing river trip adventure anyone could choose and our company has been built around that! I love the challenge of the torpedo and the chase of the rescue! Being in the right place at the right time is what guiding in a torp is all about.”

When you’re not in a tahiti or raft?  “I love to wakeboard, snowboard and fish for big stealhead on the rogue!”

What are you most looking forward to in the 2010 Season? This season I am excited to run the Hot shot trip on the Klamath and I hope its big! =-O”

Thanks Tim for all the years of keeping people safe and making them laugh.  It is impossible to think of the Rogue River Wild and Scenic without Tim Satre keeping people safe and showing them a good time.