4 Reasons to Choose a Rafting Vacation

With so many vacation options available how do you even know what you’re looking for. Here are 4 reasons why this summer a rafting vacation is the vacation you need.

1 . Adventure:

When was your last vacation that had true adventure. Adventure which required something of you, something you were excited to brag about.

A whitewater rafting vacation, especially if you choose to paddle an inflatable kayak, is this kind of vacation. While we have a river craft selection allowing virtually everyone from the go getter to the sit back and relax raft rider to enjoy wild and scenic river wilderness, at the end or our rafting trips everyone leaves with a feeling of accomplishment.

Leave feeling like your adventure was relaxing because it was challenging.

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2. Family Time:

Does your normal vacation provide something unique for each family member? Was your trip to that theme park as enjoyable to you the parent as it was to your 8 year old? When you go on vacation is your teenager excited to spend time with you or do they go roam at the hotel pool?

Multi-day rafting trips provide a unique solution to these common family vacation problems. On your rafting trip you, the parent, can have the adventure of a life time paddling an inflatable kayak while your kids under 12 years old ride in an oared raft with our kid friendly guides. You’re having a great, you’re kids are having a great time, everyone has a unique adventure at their level, all while traveling together. Teenagers on our trips usually paddle their own inflatable kayak giving them freedom in the day to navigate the rapids and paddle around the group. Teenagers are looking for freedom and this trip gives it to them.

Over the years we have noticed that the freedom of paddling separate boats during the day brings the families together at night. Teenagers and kids look forward to playing cards or throwing the Frisbee with their parents when they hit the shore in the afternoon. We find siblings and parents sitting around laughing and enjoying time away from distractions like cell phones, text messages, Facebook and email.

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3. Nature, Not Tech:

In the era of text messages, blackberries, I-phones, 100 HD TV channels, and i-pods its said we consume more information in a day than people 200 years ago did in a life time. All of this technology can be a great thing, but sometimes it can also be a distraction.

Teenagers constantly text messaging instead of talking to parents, parents hovering over their black berries instead of talking with their kids. Kids playing video games instead of exploring and playing outside. In his book Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv coins the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” when he links the trend of increasing child obesity, attention deficit disorder, and depression with a lack of time spent in nature. A study done by Frances E. Kuo, PhD and Andrea Faber Taylor, PhD in 2003 linked lack of time spent playing in a “green environment” with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Their study showed how children who spent more time playing in a “green” outdoor environment consistently showed fewer symptoms of ADHD. All of this to say, while technology is good, unplugging and spending distraction free time with your family and friends is also important. Pick a vacation that does more than get you away from work, school, and the house. Pick a vacation that gets you unplugged and distraction free allowing you and your kids to slow down and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.S. Find your rafting vacation here

4. Active:

Are you an active vacationer or a sit back and relax vacationer? Are you one type while your spouse is the other? For some sitting in the sun with a drink in their hand for hours on end is a dream vacation while for others (like me) that is a bit slow to really be enjoyable. On a great rafting vacation like the Rogue or Lower Salmon Rivers a traveler can have both. On the Lower Salmon paddle rapids all day giving your brain and your arms a good workout before relaxing in the sand and sun for a few hours with your beverage in hand at camp. Go home with a vacation you’re proud of, one that wore you out but also rejuvenated and cleared your mind. Find your rafting vacation here