Family Rafting on the Rogue River: A guides perspective

Last summer one of our guides took his family on a 3 day rafting trip down the Rogue River. The pictures were so great I asked Jason to write up something about the experience for the blog followers to read. Jason has been guiding with us for over a decade and with his wife, they have two of the best kids you could take on a river trip.

This past summer I had the opportunity to take my entire family down the Wild and Scenic Rogue River on a three day lodge trip. My wife, two kids and my in-laws decided to take the plunge and come downriver with me on an adventure of a lifetime. My wife, my 10 year old son, and my father in-law have been on trips before, but this would be a first for my 6 year old daughter and my mother in-law.

Although Orange Torpedo Trips specializes in inflatable kayaks, we always cater to the needs of everyone. Each trip is accompanied by a supply raft that is equipped to carry passengers. This is the PERFECT option for those families that have children that are not of the size or age to paddle themselves in an orange torpedo. It’s also an option for those that are a little fearful of whitewater and simply want to enjoy a nice float while watching the beautiful scenery. This is where my family fit in. They were all passengers on my supply raft. (I’ve been a guide with Orange Torpedo Trips for over 12 years.)

The great thing about the supply raft is that children can ride and have a GREAT time while their parents enjoy the inflatable kayaks. The raft guides are always very well trained and versed in local history as well as plant and animal life. I look at it like a “classroom on the water.” There are also times where your child can ride in a kayak with a trained guide in flat water and get some paddling lessons!

At the lodges, my children had an amazing time exploring, playing games and feeding the deer. Being a lodge trip has its advantages when it comes to children in that they can always change into nice warm clothes, sleep in a comfortable bed and be entertained by our well educated guiding staff. (Most of us are teachers in the off season.) This also gives parents a chance to relax!

Our family trip was something that we will never forget! Getting to spend time together having fun in one of the worlds most beautiful, unspoiled locations is truly priceless! Another cool thing that Orange Torpedo Trips provides, (that no other company does), is a photo memory book and DVD documenting the trip. So if you don’t want to spend time taking photographs, no worries! We take care of that for you! A couple of weeks after your trip, a nice little package arrives at your home.

Overall, my family had an AMAZING time! Those memories will last with them forever. Orange Torpedo Trips is by far the finest, safest way to enjoy a river adventure as a family. The guides are well trained and have a proven safety record. I’m not just saying this because “I” am a guide for OTT. I’m saying this as a husband and father that wants only the “best” for my family. The best is Orange Torpedo Trips!

Thanks Jason! If want to know more about our 3 day lodge trip down the Rogue River, Click Here.