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Day 1: Arrive at 8 AM at the Rogue River Center (210 Merlin Road, Merlin, Oregon) to meet your head guide and receive Rogue River Trail hiking trip orientation. Orientation will include information on the layout of the Rogue River trail including daily miles and where the steeper sections of the trail are in case you plan to ride the raft. The trip orientation will also include a basic white water rafting orientation to prepare you for any raft riding you choose to do. This is also when you will be supplied with a dry bag to pack your personal items. This is the bag to put everything you want to access at night. It will go on the raft where it will not be accessible during the day so anything you want on the trail needs to go into your backpack. When everyone has their bags packed, vans will be loaded and the group will drive the 20 minutes down the Rogue River to the trail-head. At Grave Creek boat ramp the group will meet the rest of the guides, pick up a lunch and start walking down the trail.
This first day on the trail has plenty of beautiful viewpoints. We journey from river level to high above on the canyon walls before eventually returning to river level where a boat will ferry everyone across the river to the lodge for the evening. The first day at 9.6 miles is the second longest day of the trip. Tonight is Blackbar lodge where you can relax on the lawn as deer graze only feet away.

Day 2. The second day of the Rogue River Trail has 14.7 miles making it the longest day of the trip. Many people opt to ride a raft for the first couple miles. If you choose to hike the entire day the first couple miles are very strenuous. A highlight of the second day on the trail is the stop at Zane Grey’s historical cabin where you can take the weight off your feet and relax in the sun while your gatorade is refilled from the raft. Today the trail often retreats back into beautiful tributary canyon’s but not at the expense of plenty of spectacular river views. The final mile of the day is on a dirt road leading into the second nights stay at Marial lodge. Tired hikers will often opt to ride the raft around this last section.

Day 3. Day 3 is the highlight day for many hikers on the Rogue River Trail. The trail navigates the cliffs above beautiful mule creek canyon. At this unique gorge the river funnels through a crack in the bottom of the canyon being condensed to under 15 feet wide at its narrowest point. Near the bottom of the canyon the trail hosts a spectacular view of Staircase falls making for one of the finest photo opportunities of the trail. In the afternoon the trail leaves the river and cuts through the lush forrest behind Brushy Bar. This is a beautiful journey through a deeply green thicket with a beautiful fern filled forest floor. At only 8.9 miles today is the shortest day so far on the trip and ends at Clay Hill lodge.

Day 4: The final push out. This is the shortest day of the trip at about 7 miles but has the steepest vertical climbs and descents making it a great conclusion to the hike. At the end of the hike the group will walk the extra 1/2 mile to foster bar where we meet the raft and the shuttle van back to the Rogue River Center.


The day your trip starts you need to arrive at the Rogue River Center at 210 Merlin Rd, Merlin Oregon at 8 AM. If you are driving head west off of Interstate 5 at exit 61. At the Rogue River Center you will transfer your clothing for the trip into our dry bag for the entirety of the float. Your vehicle will be parked inside the locked gate at our facility until you return. At the conclusion of the trip a van will pick you up at the takeout and return you to the Rogue River Center. If you plan on driving to the coast after your trip it will be more convenient for you if your vehicle is shuttled from our facility to the rafting takeout at Foster Bar. There is a small fee associated with this so call for details. For additional travel information please refer to the travel information page for flight and hotel details.
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Trip at a glance

Duration: 4 days
Distance: 42 miles
Start/End: Merlin, Oregon
Closest Airport: Medford, Oregon
Difficulty: easy-moderate
Highlights: Guide on trail, hot showers, soft beds, beautiful scenery, ride the raft
2014 Dates: May 19, 26
June 9th
September 26th
October 6, 26

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