Camp in style as you hike the Rogue River Trail

On your hike down the Rogue River Trail, picture sleeping under the stars (or in a tent), surrounded by a valley of falling yellow and orange leaves. The hillside is glowing with the fallís golden colors as the group slowly journeys downriver from camp to camp on the leaf-covered trail. On a 5-day camping hike down the Rogue River Trail, we slow the trip down a little and allow for plenty of time to enjoy all that Oregon has to offer. This is the opportunity to sleep under the stars and eat under the sky. However, donít think that because itís a camping trip we leave the luxury at home. Our camping trips include three-course dinners with freshly baked deserts, and warm cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We make sure you can relax with a glass of wine or the cold beverage of your choice while watching the sunset over the canyon. On this hiking trip, leave the freeze-dried food and throw in a bottle of wine, this is not your normal backpacking adventure.

The Rogue River Canyon is a special place, filled with active wildlife, including deer, elk, bear, turtles, eagles and otters to name a few. The Rogue River trail was built by miners and settlers in the early 1900s, and because it is in the protected wild and scenic canyon, the scenery is much the same today as it was a century ago. The group journeys on sections where the trail was carved into the riverside cliffs and also retreats into lusciously green tributary corridors. This is a unique location with scenery and wildlife that never fail to amaze.

So come to the Rogue River and hike with only a few pounds on your back and only until you decide youíre tired enough and itís time to hop on the raft. An Orange Torpedo trip makes it easier to focus on taking in the parts of the hike you value: the wildlife, the scenery, and the friends you decide to share this amazing experience with. Spend your energy enjoying your vacation, not suffering through it with 50 pounds on your back; spend your vacation hiking the Rogue River Trail with Orange Torpedo Trips.
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5-day: $1499 /person
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Trip at a glance

Duration: 5 days
Distance: 42 miles
Start/End: Merlin, Oregon
Closest Airport: Medford, Oregon
Difficulty: easy-moderate
Highlights: Guide on trail, Raft carries everything, pristine wilderness, luxury camping
2014 Dates: Sept: 12, 19, 24, 29

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