2017 Rogue River Boat Swap Expo All-Of-Everything SALE


This June 3rd, with the start of of our 48th season of operation, we will be putting on the second annual So. OR Spring Boatswap. The event will be hosted at our Merlin, Oregon base in our large, enclosed parking lot.  Any and everyone is invited to attend, whether as a seller or buyer or commercial vendor.

Basically, think of this as an in-person, river-specific Craigslist+. The “+” denotes the special additions to the event, including but not limited to: Breakfast foods from local vendors, Commercial Vendors with river equipment and river related information booths. We will also be offering special day-of, on-site-only deals on OTT trips, rental, shuttles and more.

So, if you’ve got some river-related equipment that’s been taking up space in the garage—from rafts and kayaks to frames and oars, from boxes and coolers to tents and tables, wetsuits, drysuits, books, roofracks ad infinitum—come out and sell them to some friendly local boaters.

On the flipside, if you’re in the market for any of the kind of equipment listed above, come on out and find it at bargain prices.

All negotiations and sales are strictly between the seller and buyer; again, think Craigslist+. Bartering is encouraged. Just keep things legal.

Who is coming out:

SOTAR is going be here with great sale prices on boats and equipment

For Sellers

To accommodate those wanting to sell equipment, our large lot will be divided into spaces that will be available on a first-come-first-choice basis. If you want to ensure a spot so sell your goods, show up early, set up your space and cook some breakfast.

For those interested in selling equipment, here is a schedule outline and cheat sheet.

Space Setup:

Saturday, June 3rd from 8am to 8:30am.  When space is gone, it’s gone.

Sale Hours:

Saturday, June 3rd from 8:30am-12:00pm – If you want to buy things start showing up around 8:30am.  We will open the lot up to vehicles again at noon or when walking traffic thins out so people can leave.

Cleanup & Pickup:

Saturday, June 3rd, noon.  If you stuff has not sold by noon it’s not going to.

  • What you can sell:
    • Any used or new rafting, kayaking or river related equipment—from boats to frames to oars, oar locks, seats, boxes, coolers, trailers etc. Think of this as Craigslist in person…for boaters.
  • How you sell it:
    • Show up first and get your self a space. Lay out your stuff and then barter with people who want to buy it.
    • Come and set up your space at the listed time (bring chairs, tables, snacks, whatever.  Have fun with it. Space is limited and most people will be limited to one or two parking spaces depending on what you are selling. Be considerate of others. Golden Rule and all.
  • Feel free to use your vehicles as your mobile store, just know that vehicles will not be allowed to move in or out of the lot until noon. 

General Details

When: June 3, 2016

Where: 210 Merlin Rd.,
Merlin, OR 97532

Time: 8:30am-noon

Contact: info@orangetorpedo.com | 541-479-5061


Check Back as more details on Commercial Vendors and OTT SALES will be coming!