Where’s Your Guide?

On the Junebug Trail…

Junebug Reposing on the Main Salmon, ID
This past summer was Junebug’s (A.K.A., Jon Angstadt) first guiding for Orange Torpedo Trips. But he’s no whitewater rookie, nor is he just seasonally interested in rivers. In fact, Junebug might be more stoked on kayaking than just about anyone you’ll ever meet. So none of us were surprised when, with season’s end, Junebug packed his bags and jumped on a plane to South America, all fired up to run the gambit of Chilean kayaking.
Junebug Styling a Slide in Chile
Though our intel is limited, we know that he’s currently based out of the outdoor adventure mecca that is Pucon, Chile. When he’ll return, if ever, we don’t know. But we’re pretty sure he’ll make it back come Summer; there are very few people who love the Lower Salmon as much as this lad, and we doubt he’ll leave his mistress long waiting.
Junebug Having a Moment
In the meantime, you can join us in following Junebug’s adventures via his blog, Hold Your Breath…and Wait, where he’s been posting regular updates on his adventures (and in a very lyrical prose, we might add).