New Inflatable Kayaks | Built on the Rogue River

So, How Do You Like the New Boats ?
In July of 2011, Orange Torpedo Trips unveiled the new “torpedo”.  Several years in development, it represented a break from the past 40 years of using Sevylor Tahitis in our whitewater rafting adventures. Many of our returning guests are eager to know our thoughts about the new torpedoes.
The boats are built exclusively for OTT by SOTAR manufacturing, one of the worlds best raft-building companies. They are about the same length as the Tahiti’s, but are the same basic design. The bottom and the tubes are a little stiffer, which makes it a little more stable in whitewater, and much easier to paddle in technical (rocky) whitewater. The boat material itself is more resistant to punctures and scrapes.
There are 3 “grab loops” on each end which makes the boat easier to hold onto when you have fallen out. In addition, there are interior “D” rings which are perfect for attaching water bottles and other gear so it will not be lost. The new torpedoes still have the “self-bailing” feature.
There are two big positives. First, the days of trying to spot the guides in their blue life jackets are over. The guides are now in blue boats, as opposed to the guests’ orange boats, making it much easier to follow the guides through the rapids.Second, a small design change in the rake (rise in each end) of the boat results in more big rides. The boats tend to ride up the face of the wave rather than break through it. ( See below !!!!)
Negatives?  Hardly any. This is a terrific whitewater rafting inflatable kayak.
But, a word to the wise:  Watch out for the eddy lines. They can be tricky !