Vacation on a budget: Raft the Klamath River

Northern California’s famous Klamath River is hidden away from the crowds nestled in beautiful gorges filled with sandy beaches, laden with breathtaking tributaries, and stalked with perfect rapids for the family of beginners but still exciting enough for the river expert. The Klamath River is a ideal vacation for anyone, but in an economic year like this when everyone is trying to be wise about how they spend their dollars the Klamath is THE bang for your buck vacation. For two all-inclusive days come experience sleeping under star filled skies for $349 or if two days is not enough, get three days of whitewater, sunsets, and dutch oven baked cinnamon rolls for $549. Don’t choose to not vacation this year, choose to do it for the right price.
So sign up the family and come experiences the Klamath River’s rich native American history. Get those pictures of the family swimming and laughing together, and look forward to relaxing in the sun on the beach in the afternoon. Learn more about the Klamath River or reserve your 2 or 3 day vacation.