Whitewater rafting videos

I love looking back at videos we have made in the past. Its always fun to remember adventures you have been on, laugh about something you haven’t thought about in a while, or just remember a time of year you’re looking forward to again. Well looking back I found some Orange Torpedo videos worth highlighting. The first two we made 3 or 4 years ago and are still great videos for talking about who we are and what we do.

Here is the into video, if you want to know about Orange Torpedo Trips this is a great place to start.

Next is the video for those interested in rafting on the Rogue River, which this is our 40th year on the Rogue River and we still love it (expect a whole entry on this coming up soon). So if we have been here 40 years and still love it, just think of what you are missing if you have still never seen it.

Alright so enough of showing promo videos. They are great and good for learning, but if you just want to see what rafting the Rogue River is really like watch these next two. Every whitewater rafting trip on the Rogue River with Orange Torpedo Trips, we make a custom DVD and coffee table book from that trip. Customers receive the dvd and coffee table book as part of the trip, no added fee. This way when they get back they have a way to show their friends how much cooler and more adventurous their vacation was.
Here is a video a uploaded after one of the trips. Remember anytime you see someone fall out, they were picked out of the water by a guide within a few seconds.

Finally I was looking back at an off season day another guide and I had. It was sometime in the winter a few years ago and we were feeling some whitewater withdrawals. We decided to head up to the East Fork of the Lewis in Washington so “Chewy” (almost all guides have nicknames) could try to run his first waterfalls. Lets just say the results were somewhat humorous.So there you have it. I hope that starts to satisfy some winter time whitewater needs. But if you really think your going to need to get into and IK and run the water this summer I would sign up soon. Dates for rafting on the Rogue River are already filling up.