The Rogue River, jet boats, rafting, camping, and a parade.

We are in the heart of winter, but spring will arrive before you know it. Now is the time to start planning things to do this summer. Start thinking about original vacations, fun road trips, events you can attend that will give you stories to awe your friends. Boatnik weekend in Grants Pass Oregon is one of those fun and unique things everyone should swing by at least one time.

This event based around the Rogue River is at a great time to be in the Grants Pass area. Boatnik, founded in 1959 is always held on Memorial day weekend and includes a great small town parade, plenty of street vendors selling fun crafts and all the local produce and art you could want. The parade event is a really fun family event with something for everyone.

The highlight of the Boatnik festival weekend in Grants Pass Oregon is the jet boat races. With multiple types of boats and races there are plenty of places to watch the excitement from on the stretch of the Rogue River where the boats run. Here is a video we found showing just some of the action.

In all boatnik weekend is a great time to get out and enjoy the spring. The weather is nice and the river is just starting to get to that perfect for swimming temperature. I love running one day rafting trips or even the 3 day Lower Rogue River whitewater trip this time of year. Its not so hot that you want to be in the water all of the time, but still hot enough swimming feels great. Make it a complete weekend with camping at Indian Mary park, a day at the parade and watching the jet boats before you end it with a day whitewater rafting on the Rogue River.

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